Chitralis continue to suffer from load and tunnel shedding

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Chitral: No let up in the miseries of Chitralies- While VIPs and govt authorities continue to enjoy separate powerhouses supplying power to them 24 hours along with backup generators, the common man is subjected to obnoxious loadshedding which is inflicted upon the users with vengeance at odd hours like 9 pm? and 3 am at night in the sweltering heat of Chitral town these days.

Lowari tunnel ?schedule?; A big Joke with Chitralis

Similarly, when VIPs /government authorities/Sifarsihis? etc approach the Lowari tunnel. they are allowed to pass through without any question asked but when the vehicle of common passengers approach the tunnel they are rudely dealt with and “made to wait outside by saying, “the tunnel is closed at this time” or “there is traffic from opposite side” etc etc.

Will the common Chitrali ever be treated decently? The elected representatives should answer this question. After all they have been chosen to represent the common people. .. CN report, 11 Jul 2019

Unjustified loadshedding in Chitral a slap on the face of elected reps

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Chitral: Power loadshedding is carried out when there is shortage of electricity in an area. Chitral produces 110 Mw electricity through the Golen power station and 30 Mw out of this has been dedicate to meet the need of Chitral districts, which presently use not more than 8 Mw.

Recently from out of no where and for no comprehensible reason on earth, electricity loadshedding began in Chitral, first unannounced and then formally scheduled for four hours of daily loadshedding. This is happening in an area over flowing with generated electric power.

After the people made some feeble protests, the elected representatives including the MNA and MPA met the electricity (PESCO) chief in Peshawar and after the meeting jubilantly announced that on their ‘special’ request the PESCO chief has promised to reduce the loadshedding period from four hours to two hours.? Now, even being very kind to the elected leaders, this is a poor show of representation on their part.

Instead of admonishing the PESCO chief for ordering unjustified loadshedding, they come out thanking the official for reducing the period from 4 hours to 2 and each wanting to get the credit for the ‘big’ achievement. The situation is best explained in the picture given below. (with thanks to whoever thought of it)

Our elected representative should strive to get the electricity tariff down to concessional rates as is allowed for people in electricity producing areas like AJK and GB, instead jubilating on loadshedding being reduced from 4 to 2 hours. .. CN report, 12 Jun 2019

Chitral subjected to loadshedding despite overflow of electricity

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Chitral: Despite 30 Mw electricity dedicated for Chitral district from the local 110 Mw Golen power station and only 8 Mw being used, loadshedding has again started in Chitral for mysterious reasons. It is a pity that Chitral is taken for granted by all govt departments and any dirty experiment of pulling away a facility is begun with Chitral.

A case as an example is the incomplete status of lowari tunnel even after 13 years of it’s construction, whereas a complete motorway with a tunnel started three years back (the Swat motorway and tunnel) is complete and ready for inauguration. Our elected representatives are helpless rather spineless when it comes to taking bold position on collective issues, one reason for their being gutless is the lack of support from the general public when time comes to stand up and render sacrifice. In most probability Chitralis will compromise with some sort of loadshedding schedule despite abundance of electricity. Experience says that. .. CN report, 01 Jun 2019

?Loadshedding may damage Golen Gol power generation unit?

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.. by Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The generating machinery of the first unit of Golen Gol hydropower station commissioned to work recently is prone to damage due to unwarranted loadshedding by Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco) leading to fall of load on it below the bare minimum possible required limit.

A technical source in the project told this correspondent that for each running generator of a hydropower station there was a fixed minimum power load which must be maintained on it in order to keep it safe from heating besides abnormal increase in its amplitude of vibration causing structural damage.

He said that in case of Golen Gol powerhouse whose first unit of 36MW capacity had been inaugurated in February last, the minimum load limit was 2MW which approached to zero when Pesco made loadshedding, pushing the machinery to hyper risk.

He said that as the transmission line was yet to be completed to connect it to the national grid at Chakdara, the consumption of the electricity generated by the power station was confined to Chitral only which is about 5MW and keeping it in view the maximum generation capacity had been lowered to 7MW.

He said that in the prevailing situation the shutdown of the powerhouse was the only solution to save it from loss.

The project manager, Engineer Javed Afridi, confirmed the risk and said that they had pointed out the impending disaster to the Pesco high-ups advising it to give up the loadshedding process.

He said that till completion of the transmission line and evacuation of the entire product to the national grid the risk of heating of the machinery would persist if the power load decreased to zero on it.

Chitral deputy commissioner Irshad Sodhar said that electricity loadshedding by Pesco was unwarranted, as five to seven hours of outage on daily basis was affecting 40,000 consumers across the district.

He rejected as misleading the Pesco stand that loadshedding in Chitral was aimed at recovery of the outstanding amount of electricity bills.

He said that the practice of loadshedding could create law and order situation in district as protests against it had become the order of the day.

When contacted, Pesco line superintendent Junaid Khan said that they were carrying out the outages by the orders of the high-ups.

Meanwhile, the local lawyers filed an application with police station, Chitral, for registration of FIR against the chief executive officer and other officers of Pesco for unwarranted power outages in Chitral.

Published in Dawn, June 4th, 2018

Load shedding: Chitralis revert to use of glacial snow-ice

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Chitral : Despite having excessive amount of electricity being generated from the Golen Gol Powerhouse, Chitral town is being subjected to five hour of unscheduled haphazard load shedding. The reason is not known as is the inability of the administration to address the issue.

Chitralis have reverted to the age old reliable source of snow-ice from the Lowari pass and the Terichmir glaciers. It is simply a matter of shame that producing many times over surplus electric power the consumers are condemned to rude outage shocks sometime right at sehri and Iftari time.

The riddle has not been solved as to why this happens and speaks of the lack of effective governance in the affairs of Pakistan where any department which has the nuisance value card uses it with impunity and there is no body to check it. .. GH Farooqi, Chitral 04 Jun 2018

Loadshedding raises it’s ugly head again in Chitral

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Chitral : Chitral district particularly the city area having suffered tremendously for years without decent electricity had enjoyed a sigh of relief when the Golen power station went into operation few months ago providing 30 Mw to Chitral district far more than it’s requirement.

After enjoying uninterrupted electricity for the last few months, now the residents of Chitral town are being subjected to the rude shocks of power outage every now and then. On inquiry it was found that there was no outage from the power source but the problem was with the electricity managers who on some pretext or the other want to impose their nuisance value like it happens at Lowari tunnel or other, check posts or other such places where the public can be pestered.

Now that the PM is scheduled to visit Chitral he should ensure before visiting that there is no loadshedding in Chitral on any pretext, .. CN report, 04 Apr 2018