The Pakistan that we live in!

Been to quite a few countries between Tokyo and LA and the Arctic circle and Kampala and no where did I have any concerns at all, about my intake.
Only in Islamic Pakistan, the separate Muslim homeland, does one have to watch out. Every single thing, water, food, meat, groceries, medicines can be contaminated. They even tamper with fruit, injecting it and coloring it. Wash the strawberries and all the color will come off.
Lots of products have an original and a second, i.e. not original, fake.
Buy a bottle of whatever, and you check to make sure the seal is in tact.

There are people out here, who willfully do harm to others.
What they do with water, food, medicines can and does cause serious harm and even death, but it doesn’t matter to them.

All this in a country, where you hear the azaan, five times a day; a country which likely has the biggest number of mullahs and the most number of mosques in the world.
Go figure.

PS Is there any other country in the world, where a religious cleric is leading an alliance of political parties with long records of doing everything that goes against the word of God?
It’s kinda like the Pope being head of the Cosa Nostra.
My apologies to the Pope for drawing a parallel with our frontline religio-political leader. .. Adapted from a forwarded post on social media

One thought on “The Pakistan that we live in!

  1. Please forgive me to give everyone this bad yet trutful news. Claiming to be a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim or of any other religion means nothing, utterly nothing. One is entitled to call him/herself what they are only if their deeds prove.
    Can we see utterly ignorant people doing something that will be most repulsive to people of exemplary characters such as Raamjee, Luxmunjee and their loveable associates? These hooligans can be seen to be acting as animals and thus desecrating their honourable names by chanting their names while acting in a manner that will be most repulsive to Raamjee, Luxmunjee and their loveable associates . Are we not seeig such a thing happening? Will anyone claiming to be a Hindoo and not showing his deeds to be relevant what Raamjee, Luxmunjee and their loveable associates preached and practiced be a Hindoo? No. Never. Very much the same goes for people claiming to belong to other religions.

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