Well played Chitral and Gilgit but VIP culture wins again at Shandur

CHITRAL: The annual three day polo festival held at the highest polo ground of the world concluded at Shandur (3700 meters above sea level.). Chitral A team beat Gilgit Baltistan A team by seven goals to five in an exciting match witnessed by a large number of spectators including local, national and foreign tourists.

Although the Polo trophy was lifted by Chitral’s team but the real victor, the obnoxious VIP culture continued to hold the top position on the victory stand, like every year.

Despite the pathetic economic condition and near default status, the ruling elite of Pakistan seem not willing to come out of their fool’s paradise and continue to fritter the borrowed money on luxuries like enjoying VIP perks and protocols on every occasion where they can, while the depressed public look on in anguish and heartache.  .. CN report, 09 July 2023

9 thoughts on “Well played Chitral and Gilgit but VIP culture wins again at Shandur

  1. I wish this tournament should shift from the highest polo field nonsense, it is extreme cruelty inflicted on the horses who are such brave and noble creatures that they kill themselves just so a crowd can be entertained and our VIPs can show off their perks and privileges

  2. Valid concern for the horses. An additional suggestion is that, along with Polo, there should be football matches, marathon races, athletic competitions etc at Shandur which are a true test of the player’s own stamina without putting the horse to trial.

  3. I cannot agree more. Instead of shandur polo festival two separate tournaments in gilgit and chitral may be considered. The traditional chitral polo tournament may be revived. Moreover polo is very expensive and is well on its way out if subsidy is not provided for maintaining horses at huge cost

  4. Do not agree with the article and consider it Illogical. Those very important persons are our guests and how would you treat your guests? And for your kind info the picture with which you are comparing is the slot kept for women only. And they are sitting there happily.

  5. In the picture women are sitting on rocks and rough stones while VIPs are sitting on luxury sofas over red carpets. This is a perfect example of degeneration of a society that leads to downfall as we are seeing in Pakistan. The ‘VIPs’ can sit on plastic chairs without the carpet as it is only a matter of one hour and with the same money decent sitting facility can be provided to the female spectators.

  6. Pakistan is the only county in the world where beggars are chosers.They can have a luxury lifestyle on begged money. As long as this status discrimination continues Pakistan cannot prosper, no matter who is in power.

  7. Nonsensical levels of security arrangements for VIPs should stop. VIP may visit but without any inconvenience to the genuine crowd. Also it doesnt make any sense for uniformed military officers to pay their visit to a sports event specially using tax payers money

  8. Unbelievable how these so called VIPs have the heart to waste public money so lavishly when the common man in Pakistan is reeling under extreme poverty. Don’t these people have a heart? When will Allah rescue Pakistan from this cruel culture.

  9. A perfect post with accurate content related tasvirs including all wonderful and sensible comments except one who likes a VIP guest obsessed culture.

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