Pakistanis start doubting the ‘two nation’ theory

CHITRAL: Pakistan was born out of the two nation theory where Muslim leaders of the Indian subcontinent theorized that Hindus and Muslims are two different entities and they cannot live together peacefully, therefore the Muslims should have a separate homeland for themselves.

On 14 August 1947 Pakistan broke away from India and came into being as an independent country based on a religious theorem. Unable to stabilize itself politically the new born state fell into the arms of the army in 1958 when the constitution was abrogated and martial law declared. Meanwhile India continued with it’s democratic system. While Pakistan lay stress on manufacturing of military hardware, India stressed on education and particularly on Information Technology when the later emerged as an important faculty of knowledge. Pakistan kept shuttling between military dictatorship and quasi democratic governments, while India never allowed it’s military to interfere in the formation of governments.

Today after 75 years India is a far more stable country despite having such a large and diverse population and Pakistan is sinking under it’s own weight. Having pushed itself into becoming a ‘security state’, Pakistan is rich in missiles and bombs including the atom bomb, but the government has become bankrupt and cannot repay it’s loans. The value of the Pakistani rupee which was higher than it’s Indian counter part at the time of separation is now only one third worth the Indian rupee. Whereas Indian IT experts are heading worlds biggest tech companies like, Google, Microsoft, Twitter  to name a few, Pakistani youth only manage to scrounge their way to menial jobs in the west, thanks to the priorities of our governments.

The intelligentsia of Pakistan has now begun to debate the logic and the outcome of the partition of the subcontinent and the failure of Pakistan to emerge as an example of a stable Muslim country, the purpose for which it came into being. Our armories are rich in weapons of destruction (including nuclear weapons) but our pockets are empty and our begging bowl is in a battered state. Strange and pathetic is the situation of Pakistan, indeed. .. CN report, 13 Feb 2023

5 thoughts on “Pakistanis start doubting the ‘two nation’ theory

  1. Very true picture of Pakistan. In such a state, what will happen to our bellowed homeland. Lets pray and hope for its better future. Ameen

  2. A true description of the core reasons for the failure of Pakistan. The two nation theory has failed and should be no more quoted after the creation of Bangladesh.

  3. A factual and precise picture of Pakistani society and its social classes. Sultan Mehmood is very right that we shouldn’t use this 2 nation theory any more after the fall of Dhaka.

  4. The question is that do we, as a nation want to bring any welcome change after enduring all the adversity? Do we or do we not? If we want to bring that welcome change for us i.e. the people, then we all need to make a resolution and abide by it. The resolution should be that we all shall take interest and organise ourselves to be abe to participate in matters affecting our daily life and our destiny.
    To do so, we all need to start organisng our regular get together in every locality of the country. Thus get involved in bringing improvement in conditions of the people of whole country. If we keep on remaining aloof and inert in organising Peoples’ Union for the benefit of all the people our perilous condition shall never change.
    Never. The choice is ours as has always been.

  5. This article is very shallow and there many realities that must be considered. The currencies/economies of all Muslim nations are currently under attack by Wall Street speculation (USA & UK). The currencies of Pakistan, Turkiye, Egypt, Algeria and Uzbekistan to name a few have suffered dramatic devaluations of their currencies from 2008 until now. Question is why/how? Easy! “Leaders” of Muslim countries are goaded into accepting outrageously high interest-bearing loans from the IMF; next step is, the day after the “agreement” to accept the IMF loan happens, the following morning, we awaken to a dramatic depreciation in our currencies which continues for years despite whomever the leader of that country may be. The Turkish economy for instance is booming with many positive long term investment strategies but 1€=20+ Turkish Lira and $1= 18+ Turkish Lira!!! Despite the fact that unemployment in France, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece remains stubbornly high. When Muslims learn to create and practice economic sovereignty over their economies, we will see a change. As long as we wait for the enemies of the Muslims to see value in us, it will not happen. They will always spread fake news and create pandemonium to keep the Muslims economies/curriencies devalued.

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