Pakistanis start admiring Afghan leadership

CHITRAL: The name Taliban has always had a negative and gloomy effect on the minds of educated Pakistanis, assuming them to be uncoothed ruffians devoid of the capabilities of educated and civilised people.

The current government of Taliban in Afghanistan has however proved this perception wrong. Ever since the Taliban took over government in Kabul after the ignominious exit of the USA, things have turned for the better in that country. Law and order situation has improved to the point of being an example, the Afghan economy has surmounted the ravage of a gruesome long drawn war, justice system in Afghanistan is exemplary, inflation is almost zero and the Afghan currency is one of the strongest and most stable in the region.

Mineral wealth of Afghanistan is being efficiently utilized and mega development projects like the 285 km long artificial river emanating¬† from the Amu darya passing through the desert of Afghanistan, along with lakes and roadways being developed at god speed are some exemplary projects that have begun with the grandeur of honesty and commitment to the soil, by it’s leaders.

What is it that has made Afghanistan from a scary rabid country to a symbol of peace and prosperity in no time, while the shells of American bombs and rockets are still being picked up from the soil and rubbles of destroyed buildings still being cleared?.

The one and only reason why Afghanistan has jumped from zero to hero on the progress scale is that they have honest, selfless and committed leaders who love their soil more than money. The visibly simple and austere life that the leaders live is not mere symbolic but is actually the spirit and soul of their success.

Pakistani retired senior officers from the civil service and armed forces talking to CN said if the Afghan Taliban only allow women to get education freely, they could compete for good governance position holders in the world. .. CN report, 10 Mar 2024

3 thoughts on “Pakistanis start admiring Afghan leadership

  1. All is very true. Only one person the defence minister is an annoying character. Rest of all have performed above the mark

  2. The main factor of Afghanistan’s progress is the honesty and simplicity of their leaders. The savings they do just by eliminating protocol has salutary effects in all spheres of their lives and is enough to make them stand on their own feet and march forward. We in Pakistan are ever staggering despite hugging the IMF crutches. This is just because we spend (rather horribly squander) more than what we earn. “Maal e muft, dil e berehem” is our modus operendi, from top to bottom.

  3. An influential editorial and fresh breeze of air in the background of negative propaganda but our leadership will never emulate them because they are already wedded to their personal and institutional interests even at the cost of national interests. No one should be surprised if Afghanistan surpasses Pakistan in all sectors and we start going there for jobs. This is what honesty and simple life style brings to a nation

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