Probe into downfall of Pakistan’s economy direly needed.

CHITRAL: As Pakistan reels under it’s own weight and not much seems bright ahead to expect a turn around, as basic ailment is not being diagnosed (or deliberately being ignored), it has become extremely important to set a highest level commission comprising of may be even foreign experts to find out why this all has happened.

Pakistan and India were created as separate countries on the same day. Bangladesh was created twenty four years later. Even Afghanistan is a case in point which has recently come out after three decades of ravage and blood shed. The one thing common between these three countries is that today their economies are stronger and more stable than that of Pakistan.

The plunder and pillage of Pakistan should not go undiscerned and unaccounted. Whatever happened has happened and cannot be undone, but those responsible for doing it should be brought to the lime light and there after duly punished. Only then corrective measures can be taken effectively to stop such cruelty with the state. Every aspect of what went wrong should be looked into threadbare and honest conclusions drawn, be it with the additional help of artificial intelligence if needed. .. CN report, 26 Aug 2023

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