Fallacy of electoral democracy being persistently exposed

CHITRAL: In the recent elections for the mayor of Karachi, PPP candidate won the slot by securing 173 votes against the Jamat Islami candidate who pulled 160 votes. 31 members of the PTI abstained from voting despite the party’s declaration of support for the JI candidate. If seen from the ethical point of view the PTI members were obliged to vote for the JI candidate as had been decided by the party high command, but for some reason they decided not to and thus the PPP candidate won with a margin of 13 votes.

In a similar case the ex Prime Minister Imran Khan was voted out from office in a no confidence motion in April 2022. He had been enjoying majority support but in a sudden swing fell off the office. The ex PM cried hoarse that MPs were abducted/bribed/coerced into voting against him which was morally wrong, according to him. However technically he was ousted as per election rules.

In a country where morality has very little value, following the system of electoral democracy will show up same results again and again. No amount of crying or wailing will yield any result against technical loop holes in the system.

The only way to get out of this morass called electoral democracy is to adopt the system of MERITOCRACY, for governance of the country as this will inherently address such and other obnoxious problems that all sorts of elections carry with them. .. CN report, 17 June 2023

2 thoughts on “Fallacy of electoral democracy being persistently exposed

  1. The Almighty commanded everyone who obeys Him to organise the envy of Peoples’ Democracy. Do we not see people pledging to obey no one but the Almighty, showing it in their practice. No we do not. It is for this reason that the people are in trouble and endure slavery of the undeirables.
    If and when Muslims will have democracy by obeying what the Almighty commanded them to organise, will they not be able to organse Almighty’s Kingdom? Udl wul Ehsaan has to be in abundance in the thoughts, words and practices of the majority of those who are Muslims.
    So what did the Almighty command the faithfuls, among many of His coommandmets to keep those whoobey Him, out of trouble? He commanded Muslims to create the envy of Peoples’ democracy in words “Wah tusaymoo bay hublillahay Jumeeyah walah taferuqoo”. Do wo see Muslims coming out of their homes in hordes to organise their Jumeeyah in the localties where they live. No we do not see it happening. So for as long as people can be seen to be disobeying the Almighty, they will be asking for the trouble they endure.

  2. Chairman PPP has claimed that they would win general elections in the same way they won the Karachi mayor elections. God save Pakistan.

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