A good precedence by CJ; taking oath along with spouse

CHITRAL: A new precedent has been set by the new Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Qazi Faiz Eesa, when he invited his wife to stand beside him while he was being administered oath as the Chief of the  Judiciary.

The precedence is good and just in line with the ground realities in Pakistan. We have seen that the wives of the decision makers of the country play crucial role in their decisions in one way or the other whether overtly or covertly. It is therefore only fair that they also ascribe to the oath their husbands take.

The problems of Pakistan have spilt out of Pandora’s box due to overfilling and it is imperative that out of the box solutions be thought of and measures taken thereupon. .. CN report, 18 Sep 2023

3 thoughts on “A good precedence by CJ; taking oath along with spouse

  1. Qazi Faez Isa has the ability guts and determination to improve the failing justice system in Pakistan. He knows that his family was in the forefront during the birth of Pakistan in 1947. Now he has been given a chance 76 years later to follow up on his families efforts.

  2. Women (wives) are mostly partners in crime whenever an official/politician commits financial irregularity. They are the ones who compel their husbands to take bribes, commissions, sifarish, be dishonest with their duties etc for the sake of monetary benefits. Therefore it is a good idea to take oath from them also to not force their husbands to commit corruption.

  3. After setting good precedent of taking his wife along in oath- taking ceremony and refusing protocol it is hoped that the new Chief Justice will work for the prevalence of rule of law and equality before the law. It is hoped that he will devise ways and means to curb the unending privileges of elites who always remain in power in different disguises. He will bring back hope to the marginalized majority who rarely see light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Murtaza Niaz in his column in the daily ‘Dawn’ of today under the title ‘three Pakistan’ has succinctly summarized developments in our country which is worth reading.

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