Elections 2024; Chitral in particular

CHITRAL: General elections in the country have eventually been held despite all the fears that it would be delayed/canceled keeping in mind the recent past record.  People of the country as a whole have given their verdict as to how they want to be governed and by whom.

Chitral, like the other parts of Pakistan also gave it’s vote. The distinguishing aspect of elections in Chitral was that this time it had to surmount another sort of challenge -whether to accept hard cash and instant perks in lieu of casting it’s vote to an outsider candidate who came in big with loads of money and support of the clergy, or to vote for ‘Chitralism’. The later sentiment prevailed for the good of Chitral. Had it been otherwise, Chitralis would have been branded as sell off low beings and easy prey for future predators.

As Regarding those people in Chitral who out-rightly refused to accept bribe in lieu of selling their vote, salutes to them. But for those who accepted the bribe and promised to vote for the briber and still did not vote for him, they committed hypocrisy which is a bigger sin than accepting bribe. The best thing for Chitralis would have been to politely refuse bribe from the bribe giver and tell him on his face that they would not oblige him- like the man in Kohistan whose video is viral, salute to him. ‘Chitralism’ is good but honesty is more important in the affairs of men.

As best wishes flow for those who have been duly elected to represent Chitral, ‘the taste of the pudding is in the eating’. Their performance is their biggest pay back challenge now.

As PTI is set to form an absolute majority govt in KPK like it’s previous tenures, it’s test is even more crucial. In the past ten years of similar majority govt in KPK it could not deliver to say the least. Corruption flourished and  ‘chotay chor’ were happier than ever during this time. Now it is hoped that it doesn’t repeat it’s past performance. Gotten yet another chance, it should think beyond  pseudo langar khanas and shelter homes which were eye wash, bleeding the exchequer and only benefiting the administrators. It should instead go for substantial reforms. The incoming PTI govt should now not bank on populism where governance is concerned, and it should avoid getting huge loans to run it’s unrealistic governmental overhead expenditures which are a big cause of inflation. It should impose austerity and IK’s previous promises of Government houses being turned to universities and using only two cars etc etc should be fulfilled now, if he meant them.

As the dust has settled on the elections, in Chitral at least, the best lesson learnt from it is ‘money did not make the mare go in Chitral’. Well done for that. .. CN report, 10 Feb 2024

8 thoughts on “Elections 2024; Chitral in particular

  1. Realistic review. Chitralis stand tall and in sync with national sentiments. Equally commendable is the role of returning and presiding officers for resisting pressure and upholding popular will. We know the conduct of these officers in Punjab has put the nation in shame and raised eyebrows in the US and EU. Hope this time our elected members will also make us proud and worthy of our trust

  2. Good that the pseudo clerics have been exposed. Now they cannot exploit the people easily in the name of religion

  3. For long I have been reading CN articles as they put me wise and keep updated with happenings in Chitral. Your contribution in uplifting the traditional character of Chitralis and their culture is appreciable.

  4. Parliamentarians should be restricted to making laws , army should be restricted to protecting borders , judges should be providing justice , bureaucracy should serve the public not the parliamentarians, public spending should be the responsibility of local bodies , education and health should have the highest priority, both these ensure progress, security and law and order.

  5. Chitral News editorial is precisely to the point, a clear message to all politicians today and tomorrow in terms of their standards of ethical behavior, and commitment to the interest of Chitral and Chitralis, and to be mindful of their dignity and self-respect.

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