Loadshedding raises it’s ugly head again in Chitral

Chitral : Chitral district particularly the city area having suffered tremendously for years without decent electricity had enjoyed a sigh of relief when the Golen power station went into operation few months ago providing 30 Mw to Chitral district far more than it’s requirement.

After enjoying uninterrupted electricity for the last few months, now the residents of Chitral town are being subjected to the rude shocks of power outage every now and then. On inquiry it was found that there was no outage from the power source but the problem was with the electricity managers who on some pretext or the other want to impose their nuisance value like it happens at Lowari tunnel or other, check posts or other such places where the public can be pestered.

Now that the PM is scheduled to visit Chitral he should ensure before visiting that there is no loadshedding in Chitral on any pretext, .. CN report, 04 Apr 2018

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