Pakistan needs yet another ‘third option’

CHITRAL: Every few years Pakistan has a change of government and people expect better governance but inevitably end up disappointed with those in power and in retaliation vote for the main opposition party in next elections which takes over and the same saga continues over and over again . In 2003 (in KPK) and 2008, people voted for a third option in the form of PTI.  PTI ruled for ten years in KPK with 2/3 majority and over three years in the center, but did not prove much different from the governments of the previous parties.

In April 2022 Prime Minister belonging to PTI was voted out by the Assembly and a new government of a band wagon of parties called PDM assumed office. This conglomerate or ‘King’s  concoction’ of parties failed to deliver and things went on towards the worse. Now the people are looking towards PTI again in frustration and given a fair election the PTI will win by a large margin against the container of eleven political parties, despite them being blessed by the military establishment.

The people of Pakistan are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The sitting government and it’s parties have been tested time and again and the same muck is expected from them if brought to power again.

The PTI also got it’s more than fair chance of ruling the country. It ruled the KP province with 2/3 majority for ten long years but failed to do anything worthwhile that can be considered while giving weightage to it. In fact corruption flourished unabatedly, local government system was literally mauled, no good example of governance in any form was set in the province. The seriousness of governance of the PTI government can be gauged from the ridiculous projects like ‘Langar Khana’ and ‘Shelter home’ which were eyewash and wastage of money, were pompously launched and died soon after inflicting heavy losses to the exchequer. ‘Riasat madina’ slogan was raised without even understanding the sanctity of such a big slogan, let alone abiding by it.

The people of Pakistan should not be condemned to choose between political parties and politicians who have been well tested and proven their incapabilities, but should have have a third option also, may it well be out of the box. The  third option could be sans politics. After all it is not the will of God that we should be beating about elections and democracy without any hope of it improving. A perfectly workable and sensible system is a system of government comprising of capable people formed through competitive exams aka Meritocracy. .. CN report, 6 July 2023

4 thoughts on “Pakistan needs yet another ‘third option’

  1. Main issue is that the king makers are always trying to protect their interest instead of the Country’s. Their priority is not progress of Pakistan but their own empire. We stopped to produce genuine leadership platform which is done at Grass root level of College and universities. The king makers spoil all those organizations and put a barrier so in future natural leadership never grows. Their rule is most important factor in our decline

  2. The best option for every soul claiming to be a Muslim is to prove by his/her deeds that he/she is a Muslim indeed. Muslims show the Kalimah in their deeds and unfortunately overwhelming majority of souls living from Indonesia to Morocco fail to prove they are Muslims. Muslims have been given a failproof political system. This system requires every Muslim male to come out of their homes, join hands with each other and create an envy of Peoples’ democracy and thus create a welfare state through the efforts of every Muslim, starting from every locality qusbah, qiryah where people live.
    Thy need to create i.e. Peoples’ Jumeeyah and Shoorah. The Almighty’s command in words is “Wahtusay moo bay hublillahay Jumeeyah”. So when there will be Muslims in large numbers anywhere, if ever, people shall see their democracy and through their democracy the rule of Udl wul Ehsaan. Udl wul Ehhsaan is the guarantee of peaceful living.
    Right now what people claiming to be Muslims can be seen doing is absolutely the clearest rejection of the way of peaceful living shown by the Almighty. People do ask for trouble to become their destiny when they reject the way shown by the Almighty. Why do Muslims need a leader when their leader has come and gone and shown the successful way to live in peace? Why ?

  3. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” We are willing to be fooled again and again. Shame on us. The system needs to be changed, not faces.

    1. The system shall be changed only and only when the people at large only when they will come out of their homes to change the system exactly the way the Almighty commanded the faithfuls i.e. by joining hands withe each other.
      Right now we feel and there is proof that there is dearth of faithfuls i.e. Muslims living among the souls living from Indonesia to Morocco. People who promise night and noon to obey the Almighty yet we see them to fail to abide by the promise they make. How could people wo obeyed the Almighty live in slavery and ignominy. How? Utterly impossible. Yes uterly impossible.

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