Contesting polls in multiple constituencies; A ludicrous practice

CHITRAL: As per information received regarding filing of nomination papers for general elections 2024 in Pakistan, heads of political parties and electables have filed nomination papers in multiple constituencies. Looking at this practice it appears an outright ridiculous system. Why should a person contest elections on multiple seats when he/she has to  later relinquish all the other seats and retain only one. There is no sense or logic in this practice. It only amounts to wastage of time and money and creating unnecessary drama.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan elections have always been considered a drama, a past time, and an entertainment for the people, instead of being considered a sober and serious issue. As immature are the voters as are the candidates wanting to be voted in.

Slogan chanting, brandishing flags, posters and banners, gossiping and quarreling with each other over their favorite candidate/party are the prime activities in an election, No  voter knows or cares to know about the manifesto of the candidate/party, nor do they question the candidate about his/her past performance in deliverance of promises, if it’s a repeat candidate.

The very fact that a person is allowed to contest on multiple seats speaks enough about the ludicrousness of elections in Pakistan. May there be a hundred more elections like they are in Pakistan, nothing will change. We shall still be going round and round in this circle of no joy we are stuck in.

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.. CN report, 22 Dec 2023

3 thoughts on “Contesting polls in multiple constituencies; A ludicrous practice

  1. The practice of allowing a candidate to contest on more than one seat is indeed ridiculous. Does no body have brain enough to stop this foolish practice. Common sense does not have any value in Pakistan, it seems.

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