What if Pakistan had taken no loans from anywhere?

CHITRAL: Pakistan is reeling under insurmountable loans, leading to an inevitable declaration of bankruptcy, sooner or later. The situation has not arisen out of nowhere, rather it has been worked upon diligently and ‘efficiently’.

Due to incompetency and incapability of the governments that have been in authority, both civil and military, the country was not put on the right track ever since after coming into being. Easy availability of loans and grants promoted the culture of financial corruption and wastefulness, and loans with their compounding interest kept piling up in an exponential manner . Each government when exiting would leave a heavier burden of loans on the country compared to the previous one. The value of a US dollar was only Rs 3.31 Pak rupees in 1947, now it is a whooping Rs 270.

If Pakistan had not taken a single penny loan from anywhere (for the sake of argument), it would have been compelled to stand on it’s own feet and given the natural resources and manpower, it would been successful, though at a turtle pace maybe. Our expenses on governance, the armed forces, wasteful ventures etc would have automatically been curtailed, and today our rupee would have been at the same value as at that time.

Pakistanis have got too used to easy money and ‘free lunch’. This weakness has made us compromise on our sovereignty and foreign policy, destroying the self respect of the nation in general and now we are faltering and vacillating hither and thither not finding a direction and a way to get out of the morass. .. CN report, 02 Feb 2023

4 thoughts on “What if Pakistan had taken no loans from anywhere?

  1. A rational piece of discourse that explains the relationship between cause and effect. A cause-effect relationship is a relationship in which one event (the cause, loan) makes another event happen (the effect, begging bowl). One cause can have several effects and with reference to this cause – effect we see many in pakistani society.

  2. Every soul, every people, every nation that brings trouble upon itself, does so because of only one reason. Rejection of the way shown by the Creator, the Owner of everything, the Almighty.
    The Almighty commanded every soul to become responsible citizen. Responsible for coming out of their homes and joining hands with each other of their localitites to take care of their collective welfare and security. To work collectively to promote Virtuous life and eradicate Vices in their environment. The Almighty commanded the faithfuls to organise their collective committee i.e. Jumeeyah and Shoorah. Such a system is aso called Peoples’ Union.
    Are there Muslims to be seen anywhere? No. Nowhere do we see any such responsible people who have organised Jumeeyah or Committee of the people among the millions upon millions who claim to be Muslims living from Indonesia to Morocco and beyond. Alas they are seen to be betraying their pledge of obeying no one but the Almighty.
    Throughout the 800 years of dominance of Arabic and Turkish speaking people who night and noon pledged to obey no one but the Almighty are on record of betraying their pledge, the promise, they made yet neglected their responsibility to come out to become responsibe citizens. Instead, as they do today, allowed a human allah to crop up to rule over them and thus endure corruption and tyrannies they endured in response to their irresponsible act. Why did they endure such tyranies and still do today? All for betraying the pledge they make night and noon to obey no one but the Almighty.
    So how many of us are prepared to come out to obey the Almighty and thus change the course of our thinking and action? The sooner the masses start coming out to join ands with each other so much the better for the masses. We must show our pledge to obey no one but the Almighty in our deeds thus start becoming one nation one people. One people with inborn habt and practice of helping each other helping everyone of our kind, the humankind. The sooner we start the better for us. We must know that there is no other way to Utopia. No other way. Take this way and prosper. Leave it and keep on suffering te life slavery and ignomony

  3. I do agree with GS that unless the people don’t organise and do not understand their rights and duties nothing tangible would happen. In this country people mostly are neither truly sincere with religious injunctions in their letter and spirit and nor has any appetite for Westminster brand democracy. There’s a big in what we say and do. Loans are taken not for general welfare of the people but to run the machinery of state in which major beneficiaries are somehow the elites.

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