Ramzan: Ritualist observance at peak, Moral conduct low as ever

CHITRAL: Come Ramzan, the faithful rise at pre-dawn and have their Fasting meal called sehri. They rush to the mosques in numbers that are many times more than on normal days. Fasting observers ensure that they buy dates to break fast with, as this is also ritualistic practice.

The observance of fasting and saying prayers with clockwork punctuality including non obligatory prayers is observed so religiously that it appears Muslims would behave in the same dignified manner when they are out of the mosques and in the midst of their daily routine.

Unfortunately the strict ritualistic practices during Ramzan do not affect a bit the behavior of people in their daily lives.

Asking for Zakat, donations surges 

One reason for this dichotomy and dysjunction between rituals and practical behavior is the religious mullah who never tries to connect the two. As a matter of fact our mullahs preach that sins can be white washed in Ramzan by observing rituals.

The solution to this tragic dilemma is that well educated religious scholars should be appointed by the government to preach during this Ramzan that no one should be under the false impression that sins pertaining to ‘Huqqoq ul Ibaad’ (rights of human beings) would be forgiven in Ramzan in lieu of rituals. No way there. .. CN report, 12 Mar 2024 

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