Cases of dacoities, way laying in cities on the increase; army assistance needed

CHITRAL: The day to day increase in cases of dacoities, hold ups and way laying, in big cities of Pakistan is a serious threat to peace and routine daily life of the people. Earlier it would happen in Karachi being a mega city, but now even cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta etc are reporting such cases on a daily base.

As the police in Pakistan has not been allowed to be strong and responsible (the dacoits of Kacha in Sindh have proven this) the only other option to check these increasing incidents of lawlessness is to deploy the army to tackle this problem.

Pakistan has a large army of foot soldiers who are well trained in combat and tackling the enemies. At this time these robbers and dacoits are biggest enemies of the people and enemies of a safe and peaceful environment. As there is no war or large scale operation against external enemies going on, the army soldiers could supplement the effort of the police (till the police becomes effective enough to do the job itself).

Economy of effort is a basic principal of war and in this internal war which is creeping up fast due to despondency and desperation, we need to utilize our army soldiers in the best interest of the country. .. CN report, 17 Aug 2023

2 thoughts on “Cases of dacoities, way laying in cities on the increase; army assistance needed

  1. The police are the first line of defence against lawlessness, in any case the army are not trained for this role and would not be effective. The solution lies first to have a functional justice system where the judges provide speedy justice and this to be augmented with police reforms, presently our police force is functioning under rules established by colonial Britain more to control the awaam rather than maintaining law and order.

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