‘Difficult decisions’ misconstrued in Pakistan

CHITRAL: Whenever the government wants to impose further taxes and levies on the general public in Pakistan, the Prime minister announces with an apologetic face that some ‘difficult decisions’ have to be taken in the interest of the country, followed by immediate increase in the prices of electricity, gas or gasoline etc. Never have these ‘difficult decisions’ translated into reduction of the perks and privileges of the ruling elite or government functionaries. They almost imminently mean putting more pressure on the already pressured lower strata of the society.

The free electricity, fuel, transportation, luxuries and all sorts of hidden perks enjoyed by those in government and establishment high ups amount to a heavy burden on the exchequer. The IMF also fails to address or purposely ignores these issues and instead is satisfied with the government pressing the public further to extract revenues.

The average person in Pakistan is already paying heavy indirect taxes through their nose, compared to the facilities they are enjoying. People are supposed to arrange for their own electricity in the form of solar energy, dig their own wells for water, and arrange their own private security as these service supposedly to be given by the government are unreliable and/or erratic.

No wonder Pakistanis are trying to flee their ‘beloved land’ founded in the name of their religion to live in more civilized and humane countries, which don’t boast of being founded on religion.

Bottom line is that whenever next time the Prime minister comes on TV and says we are forced to take some ‘difficult decisions’, it should mean drastic reduction in the cost of governance and abolition of undue perks and privileges of all those in the government at all cadres, both civil and military. Otherwise such statements would remain a hoax and business as usual’ will continue towards bashing of the common person. .. CN report, 26 July 2023

2 thoughts on “‘Difficult decisions’ misconstrued in Pakistan

  1. You cant be more correct. Here is what people are saying:
    We, as citizens who are unflinchingly committed to the wellbeing of Pakistan and deeply invested in a fair, tolerant and egalitarian society, appeal to all those responsible for running this country to demonstrate prudence, sanity and economy as we pass through these difficult times of political transition.
    The lopsided royal distribution of state resources to an already rich and pampered class, can only be perceived as blatant voter appeasement schemes. The recent allocation of Rs2.3 billion for purchase of new cars for Punjab bureaucrats and hurried allocation of Rs90 billion discretionary funds to parliamentarians coming at a time when our nation is reeling under a grave financial crisis, defy all frontiers of reason and proportion. These decision calls for an immediate reversal. It is actions like these that have made a beggar out of our country and paupers out of our people.
    We believe that Pakistan has become hostage to an elite class unwilling to let go of its disproportionate benefits, perks, privileges, official vehicles, TV screens in offices, free fuel, free electricity, security escorts, arms licenses and numerous other self-awarded allowances. We appeal for a complete withdrawal of all these discriminatory entitlements. Pakistan will prosper only when we stop pampering our rich and begin caring for the most downtrodden, exploited and marginalised.

    Javed Jabbar, Senator (r ) Former Federal Minister
    Kaleem Ullah Khan, Ex Information Commissioner, KPK
    Minhaj Qidwai, Physician
    Mushtaq K. Chhapra, Director TCF
    Naeem Sadiq Member, ‘Justice for the Voiceless’
    Raza Gardezi, Civil rights activist
    Sarah Ali Khan Member, ‘Justice for the Voiceless’
    Zaheer Alam Kidvai, Citizen

  2. The average person in Pakistan is already paying heavy indirect taxes through their nose.
    My humble comment: As we can see everyone enjoys such a slavery. Do they not? They do. If they did not enjoy such a slavery will they not do anything about it? Everyone brings trouble upon themselves for just one reason. Disobeying the way shown by the Almighty to avoid every trouble. The way is to get into the habit of coming together regularly in the localities where we live and work together peacefully, methodically to bring about the welcome change we want. Work together to eradicate vices from our environment and make virtues prevail through our collectve thoughts, words and deeds.
    The Almighty commanded each and everyone of every Muslim to create the envy of peoples’ democracy where they live. His command is “Wahtusay moo bay hublillahay Jumeeyah walah taferruqoo”.
    So why do we claim to be Muslims wnen Islaam is NOT in our deeds?

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