Chitral subjected to loadshedding despite overflow of electricity

Chitral: Despite 30 Mw electricity dedicated for Chitral district from the local 110 Mw Golen power station and only 8 Mw being used, loadshedding has again started in Chitral for mysterious reasons. It is a pity that Chitral is taken for granted by all govt departments and any dirty experiment of pulling away a facility is begun with Chitral.

A case as an example is the incomplete status of lowari tunnel even after 13 years of it’s construction, whereas a complete motorway with a tunnel started three years back (the Swat motorway and tunnel) is complete and ready for inauguration. Our elected representatives are helpless rather spineless when it comes to taking bold position on collective issues, one reason for their being gutless is the lack of support from the general public when time comes to stand up and render sacrifice. In most probability Chitralis will compromise with some sort of loadshedding schedule despite abundance of electricity. Experience says that. .. CN report, 01 Jun 2019

One thought on “Chitral subjected to loadshedding despite overflow of electricity

  1. Wapda personnel are used to torturing us, especially in the Holy month this happens to be more frequent

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