One main cause of Pakistan’s problems and panacea for them

CHITRAL: Pakistan today is engulfed in all kinds of problems. Whether it be social problems, menace of corruption, political problems or even economic problems, the underlying reason for these problems is that we do not speak the truth anywhere. Whether in the homes, in schools and colleges, in offices, in politics and even while giving statements in courts under oath, we blatantly lie without any hesitation.

Speaking the truth is part of any religious education and is supposed to form basics of ethics in any society, even in an atheist society. Unfortunately in Pakistan, telling lies is considered a norm and not scoffed at. The shopkeeper sells fake merchandise swearing it to be genuine, the milkman mixes water with milk and sells it as pure, the parents lie to their children who learn from their parents to tell lies as a routine matter.

The plethora of problems which our nation faces can be cured by one single reform in our lives- To SPEAK THE TRUTH.
Though it is easy said than making the people start speking the truth, but a begining can always be made. An aggressive campaign through mosques, media, schools, public opinion leaders and all available sources should be launched to emphasize the importance of speaking the truth. When started, it will immediately have an impact and very soon more problems would stop to crop up and most of our existing problems would go towards solution. .. CN report, 25 Sep 2022

4 thoughts on “One main cause of Pakistan’s problems and panacea for them

  1. Dear Valuable writer you are very right but the society of Pakistan has become so corrupted that we can not imagine the severity of this menace. For speaking the Truth 95% of the Pakistani population should be dealt with an iron hand.

  2. Yes Sir, It is very true unfortunately and a major cause of our societal degradation. Yes, you are right that schools, madrassas, mosques/Jamat Khanas can play a positive role to eliminate and or reducing this menace from society. We have a culture, especially in the 70s (our age) parents used to reduce the age of children at the time of admission to school, instead of mentioning the actual date of birth they lie and put the wrong date of birth in the school register. Because of this one mistake, a student has to tell lie about his actual age throughout his life, which happened to me and I am ashamed of it even though it was not my fault/mistake. I know there are many of us feeling the same wrong date of birth and telling lies everywhere. This needs to begin from home and parents need to be educated and trained not to tell lies to their kids and promote developing characters of their children encompassing honesty and integrity at home which is the basic nursery of nurturing and development of a responsible person in a society.

  3. We appreciate and thank the editorial of the on- line paper for raising one important issue and shortcoming after another to inform and sensitive people about our declining standards of ethics and morals. Every one of us need to resort to the sublime and pristine teachings of religions and alway avoid telling lie; try to fulfill promises which we make and play the role of honest trusty when something is given in our stewardship. These are cardinal principles in all religions.

  4. In our religion telling lies is considered ‘mother of all evils’ and the Holy Quran says ‘Laanat Allah Alal Kazibeen’ (Curse of Allah be upon liers). But telling lies in our society is like eating peanuts. No wonder we are cursed with all the ills we face.

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