Best way to celebrate 14 August

CHITRAL: Independence day is around again i.e 76th birthday of Pakistan will be celebrated with traditional ‘fervor’ i.e cultural shows, dances, national songs, anthems, parades, slogans and flag hoistings etc. We have seen this happening on every 14 August since we were born, with the typical stereo pep speech by the President and Prime Minister that Pakistan is a strong country and no power on earth can harm it.

This was definitely not a challenge to Pakistanis

The situation on ground is that the condition of Pakistan as a country has deteriorated with every passing year since independence and no light is seen at the end of the long dark tunnel. Who is responsible for it is another debate left for other forums. However the suggestion for celebrating independence day on 14 August this year in the best possible way is suggested below.

On the 14th August at break of dawn the Army Chief, the Prime Minister the President and the Chief Justice should hold a joint press conference and declare the emergency reform of bringing about austerity in the country in all rank and file with immediate effect.

The joint statement should declare that all officials from the President down to the Assistant commissioners, The Judiciary, all public representatives from the PM, ministers down to the lowest entitled wrung all will use only Pakistan made cars no higher than 1300/1600 cc. The army chief should declare the same for the armed forces. (Late PM Junejo did it so why can’t it be done now). Along with it all free petrol, electricity, unnecessary staff, hidden perks and privileges be taken away with immediate effect. Visible simplicity and austerity be displayed by one and all who are using using public money, and business people etc who use their own money to show off, should be taxed heavily to discourage them.

We have had enough of flag wavings, leg raisings (Wahga), cultural shows, dances, speeches, slogans etc on 14 August and now they have become a joke in the eyes of the demoralized people. Now we should see real solid reforms announced on the day to pick up the fallen spirit of the nation.

No announcement of discovering oil, gold or getting loans, grants, alms from other countries will do ay good as we have seen so far because all that goes into the pipe that leads to the black hole and until the pipe is blocked and the black hole starved Pakistan will not get any nourishment. .. CN report, 12 Aug 2023

4 thoughts on “Best way to celebrate 14 August

  1. Misusing public money even though it is legal and authorised is institutional corruption. All such law and authorisation should be changed to stop the institutional corruption.

  2. How can we change the mentality of our rulers and those in government offices, who earnestly believe that what is the use of being independent if you become a big shot and still sit in a small 1300 cc car. If at all some honest fellow tries to do something like this, our public believes that he is a fool and good for nothing.

  3. The best way for everyone who wants to see this country become Pakistan is to get into the habit of coming out of their homes to organise their Peoples’ Union of the people f the locality. Peoples’ Union for every one to become “Responsible Citizen”. Responsible to join hands with each other to get into the habit of eradicating all the vices and make the practice of every virtue everyones’ responsibility. Eradicating injustices from thoughts, words and deeds of every soul must be given topmost priority.
    To bring every welcome change for the better, must be the aim and effort of every soul.
    We all must stop leaving our responsibility to be solved by ohers. Why? Trying to solve every one of our problem with our own collective effort should be our topmost aim as it s the best way to bring about a welcome change by ourselves.

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