How much Islam is there in Islamic countries

George Washington University Professor Hussain Askari researched how Islamic countries are Islamic. By looking for the countries that follow the rules of the state and society in Islam, it was found that those who follow the Islamic rules in their daily life are not Muslim countries.

The study found that the most Islamically compliant country is New Zealand followed by Luxembourg. Then came Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Denmark sixth and Canada in seventh position.

Malaysia is 38th, Kuwait is 48th, Bahrain is 64th, and surprisingly Saudi Arabia is at 131st position. In this study published in Global Economy Journal, Bangladesh’s position is below the Saudis.

Research has shown, Muslims are very careful about prayer, fasting, Sunnah, Qur’an, Hadith, hijab, beard, dress but do not follow the laws of Islam in state, social and professional life.

Muslims listen to more religious sermons, waj nasiht than anyone else in the world, but no Muslim country could become the best country in the world. But in the last sixty years, Muslims have heard the Friday sermon at least 3000 times.

Notably, a gentile Chinese businessman said, Muslim businessmen come to us with orders to make number two fake things and say to put the label of such and such a famous company. Later, when I told them to eat with us, they said, “It is not halal, so I will not eat it.” So is it halal to sell counterfeit goods?

A Japanese new Muslim said, I see non-Muslims in western countries following the rules of Islam, and in eastern countries I see Islam but no Muslims. Alhamdulillah, I have already accepted the religion of Allah knowing the difference between Islam and Muslims.

Islam is not just prayer and fasting, it is a way of life and a matter of communication and fellowship with others.

A person who prays fast and has a scar on his forehead can be a hypocrite in the eyes of Allah.
The Prophet (PBUH) said, “The real proletarians and empty people are those who will appear on the Day of Judgment with fasting, prayers, many Hajjs, giving charity, but will go to hell empty-handed due to corruption, grabbing wealth, not giving rights to others, and oppressing people.” .”

Islam has two parts, one is the public declaration of faith called ‘Iman’, and the other is the subject of faith called ‘Ehsaan’,–which is realized by following justly correct social norms. If both are not practiced together, Islam remains incomplete which is happening in every named Muslim country.

Observance of religious prohibitions is one’s personal responsibility and is a matter between Allah and the servant. But adherence to social norms is a matter between one servant and another. In other words, if the Islamic principles are not practiced by Muslims in their lives, the Muslim society will become corrupt and our future will be dishonorable.

Lord Bernard Shaw once said, “Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers.”
May Allah grant us the grace to become Muslims following Islam. Ameen .. Copied from a whatsapp post, 24 Apr 2024

4 thoughts on “How much Islam is there in Islamic countries

  1. On-line news, www has been pinpointing this anomaly and contradiction time and again to remind us to accept the religion of Islam in it’s entirety. Famous Egyptian philosopher and theologian Muhammad Abdou ( 1849-1905) has famously said that ” in Europe there are Muslims and no Islam while in Muslim countries there’s Islam and no Muslims.” What Abdou want to bring home is that in Muslim countries Islam is an official religion Muslim follow it’s rituals and outward forms without actually imbibing and internalizing it’s spirit and core principles and objectives. This contradiction in our convictions and actual conduct is perhaps the root cause of our weakness, instability and underdevelopment.

  2. Islaam does NOT exist where there is scarcity of Udl wul Ehsaan in the thoughts, words and deeds of majority of people.

  3. Where would a muslim child learn the noble values of Islam such as respect, kindness, rectitude, loyalty and solidarity when you have ignorant parents, incompetent schools, politicized mawlanas and corrupt politicians?
    In western countries such values are taught by example and the whole society is in charge. If a parent fails its duty then school, sport clubs, associations will come to the rescue and put you back on the right track.
    How to improve things in Muslim world? Elites to educate the masses and religious organisations to give up on earthly world obsession and to focus on their duty to enlighten the ignorants.

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