Chitralis continue to suffer from load and tunnel shedding

Chitral: No let up in the miseries of Chitralies- While VIPs and govt authorities continue to enjoy separate powerhouses supplying power to them 24 hours along with backup generators, the common man is subjected to obnoxious loadshedding which is inflicted upon the users with vengeance at odd hours like 9 pm? and 3 am at night in the sweltering heat of Chitral town these days.

Lowari tunnel ?schedule?; A big Joke with Chitralis

Similarly, when VIPs /government authorities/Sifarsihis? etc approach the Lowari tunnel. they are allowed to pass through without any question asked but when the vehicle of common passengers approach the tunnel they are rudely dealt with and “made to wait outside by saying, “the tunnel is closed at this time” or “there is traffic from opposite side” etc etc.

Will the common Chitrali ever be treated decently? The elected representatives should answer this question. After all they have been chosen to represent the common people. .. CN report, 11 Jul 2019

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