Pakistan has immense potential to improve it’s condition

CHITRAL: Pakistan is in the throes of turmoil even after elections, as it was before the elections.
Despite being gifted with nature’s bounties like beautiful landscapes, four seasons, lofty mountains full of water and mineral treasures, fertile agriculture terrain, high population percentage of healthy and zestful youth and an inherent stable social system, it is continuously reeling under pain and torment.

It is not the will of God that Pakistan should be denied the benefit of potential bounties bestowed upon it. It is of our own making that we deprive ourselves of the gifts the almighty bestowed upon us.

A cursory comparison between Pakistan and other small countries and emirates that we know well and envy, will tell us that the main difference between our miserable condition and their enviable condition is the stability and reliability of their governance system. The mineral wealth of Pakistan lying in the folds of our mountains far exceeds the value of oil in the oil producing emirates, but the difference is that they are efficiently making use of that treasure and we are sleeping over our potential wealth. Even where there is no oil but effective governance, the difference is visible. Afghanistan is still collecting the debris of war but they have stabilized their economy in no time- because they have an efficient and effective governance system.

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The troubles in Pakistan are a result of poor and shattered governance system. Even the continuous interference by the military in the civil affairs is because of this poor system which gives it an excuse and a chance. In order to come out of the quagmire, Pakistan needs a sound, effective and efficient governance system more than politics, right from the federal to the local bodies level. Only then can can we move forward, otherwise we will be crying and protesting all the time. .. CN report, 17 Feb 2024

2 thoughts on “Pakistan has immense potential to improve it’s condition

  1. No doub pakistan has been bestowed with immeasurable bounties as described in this article but our governance system has been such which does not allow to tap the potential resources of the country to make it prosperous. The ruling elite which also includes the illiterate landlords and wealthy industrialists, deliberately keep the country backward and only protect their own vested interests.

  2. Nigeria and Venezuela despite having some of the largest oil reserves are bankrupt and riddled in poverty because of corrupt leadership, similarly we may discover precious minerals, gas or oil it will do nothing for Pakistan and getting honest leadership is impossible till we improve our education,justice and accountability which takes generations not months or few years.

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