A new medal needs to be introduced in Pakistan.

CHITRAL: Awarding medals to individuals for outstanding performances in their field of activities is a norm in every country, some follow it more, some less, but it is there nevertheless and Pakistan follows it religiously.

In Pakistan, given it’s past history and present condition on ground, a new medal needs to be introduced for the President, Prime Minister, the Armed forces Chiefs and the Judiciary Chief. The medal should be awarded to these rulers every time Pakistan takes a loan from anywhere like IMF, world bank, ‘friendly country’, ‘brother country’ etc.

The medal should be awarded in a state ceremony with the amount of loan inscribed on it. It should also be made mandatory to wear this medal while on duty. In this way the rulers will think twice while asking for loans and the people of Pakistan will come to know the frequency of spiraling loans mounting on them which they and their children have to pay through their nose. .. CN report, 22 Sep 2023

2 thoughts on “A new medal needs to be introduced in Pakistan.

  1. Chitral News is certainly raising the bar with its courageous editorial content , an independent and free thinking media is vital for democracy to flourish.

  2. Good idea. Furthermore, there should be dedicated halls in the Minar e Pakistan Lahore and Pakistan monument Islamabad where pictures of all the concerned persons in position as mentioned in the post from 1947 onward be hung with amount of loan taken during their time. The same should be included in Pakistan studies curriculum.

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