Nawaz Sharif’s planned return to Pakistan-Appeal to him

CHITRAL: Pakistan’s three time former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is expected to return to Pakistan after three years in self exile in the UK. Mr Sharif is also scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia and UAE before his arrival in Pakistan scheduled on 21 October.

The Ex PM who is vying for a fourth term in office is expected to bring with him some relief packages/aid/loan etc courtesy the countries he would be visiting before coming over, as these countries have supported him in the past also.

The politics of aid/loan/charity has harmed Pakistan more than anything else by not allowing it to stand on own feet. Ziaul Haq brought in dollars as a reward for Pakistan’s unholy involvement in the Afghan war. Musharraf brought in dollars by selling Pakistan’s sovereignty and foreign policy to the US and KSA. During their time economy seemed superficially stable. However, as soon as these dictators were off the saddle, the lollipop melted and soiled Pakistan’s already degraded existence. Nawaz Sharif if thinking on same lines will repeat the same mistake by deal another blow to the country incapacitating Pakistan further.

If Nawaz Sharif want’s to redeem his honour, he should announce to bring his collosal wealth which is parked abroad, back into Pakistan. Pakistan needs it’s own and it’s citizens money more than it needs Arab charity. Pakistani money abroad if brought back can turn the table on the economy and we can raise our heads, for a change.

If Turkey has a rule where no politician can own property outside Turkey, what stops us from adopting the same rule. Nawaz Sharif can become a hero if he announces the same as his election manifesto starting with his own money which at the moment are filling foreign banks and strengthening foreign economies while Pakistan is wailing under it’s own weight. .. CN report,10 Oct 23

6 thoughts on “Nawaz Sharif’s planned return to Pakistan-Appeal to him

  1. Nawaz Sharif and all other politicians who remained at the helm in any capacity should not be allowed to own any business or property abroad by law. Repatriation of their wealth to Pakistan will certainly boost the ailing economy.

  2. Perfect analysis and very valid demand. They have made the nation beggars while they themselves live like Kings. Similarly, our generals are not any more patriotic than a normal law abiding citizen of Pakistan, then why they enjoy so much privileges?

  3. Exactly! It is high time for Nawaz Sharif to return his illegally obtained wealth to Pakistan. The lifestyle he is currently living in the UK is not only shameful but also indicates a desire to evade justice. Implementing this suggestion would not only allow him to regain some dignity and honor but would also earn him respect from the Pakistani public and particularly from the diaspora in the UK. Failing to do so would condemn him as a corrupt looter, leaving a tarnished legacy for future generations. Turkey’s example of holding politicians accountable should serve as a lesson not only for politicians but also for high-ranking military officials, judges, and senior government officials.

  4. Imran Khan in his three and half years in power got many laws passed in the parliament with the support of the army. He should have tried to pass this law also, but unfortunately did not even try to do so. Just by ranting “Unkay paisay bahir parhay huay hain” only gave him political points but did not solve any problem. Let’s see Nawaz Sharif doing it voluntarily. Otherwise we are ‘stuck between the rock and a hard place’.

  5. Nawaz Sharif has finally landed in Pakistan. With chest out and head high he says ‘the other’ has destroyed Pakistan which according to him was progressing during his time. Facts say that he was three time in the driving seat of Pakistan beside the recent tenure of his brother but Pakistan has been rolling downhill all the way. ‘The other’ blames him for the failure. Both keep blaming each other but no one amongst the two clearly mentions the third factor i.e ‘the elephant in the room’. There has to be someone responsible for Pakistan’s miserable history, whoever it be. When will the people know clearly about it.

  6. Pray it is not asking for too much. If a person wants to take over the country democratically for the fourth time and if he has to shed off the heavy baggage of accusations against him, then repatriation of his offshore wealth and investing it in the country which he wants to rule is only fair and logical and the least he can do. Leaders are expected to sacrifice and deliver, not only make speeches as we can see from past history and present time. Erdogan of Turkey has made sure that no politician (including himself) shall have any property abroad. Is it asking too much from Nawaz Shareef sahib?.

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