Chitrali children loosing health to spurious snacks

CHITRAL: Children in Chitral who standout for their genetic beauty and Angelic faces are fast loosing their health to spurious snacks in the form of unhealthy chips, slanties, unhealthy juices in small packets. These health hazards are so abundantly available, that every second shop sells them in the markets and makeshift shops sell these unhealthy stuff with impunity at the gates of schools, beside being available in the school canteens.

In a recent survey held in Karachi, blood cancer in children is spreading at a scaring pace and the doctors have blamed fried chips in packets consumed heavily by the children in proportion to their bodies as the main culprit for it.

In Chitral, children whom God has gifted with rosy cheeks are now seen pale, weak and under nourished. Unhealthy snacks in schools at break time and at school closing time, turns off children from eating healthy wholesome food at home and thus their health and future is seriously challenged. Something needs to be done about this potential catastrophe, before reports like that of Karachi come to the fore in Chitral too. .. CN report, 26 May 2023.

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