Lowari tunnel nuisance, biggest impediment to tourism in Chitral

CHITRAL: The nonsensical management of the Lowari tunnel is proving a big impediment to tourism in Chitral, beside a perpetual pain in the neck for Chitralis. Tourists arriving in Chitral said they were stopped at the tunnel from 12 pm to 3 pm and the reason given by the persons manning the barrier was that […]

Lowari Tunnel: The most mismanaged tunnel in the world

CHITRAL:  Without any exaggeration, the 8.2 km Lowari road tunnel, linking the districts of Dir and Chitral in Pakistan, can safely be labelled as the most mismanaged tunnel in the world. Inaugurated formally for initiation of ground work in 2006 by then President Pervez Musharraf and then inaugurated for completion of the tunnel by then […]

Lowari tunnel torture continues unabated

CHITRAL: Despite requests and protests by Chitralis to do away with holding up vehicles at the Lowari tunnel for unspecified periods (sometimes from 15  to 30 minutes) while at other times for hours due to unspecified reasons, nothing has Changed. Vehicles are still stopped by force and a convoy is created and then let inside […]

Vehicles still being forcibly held at Lowari tunnel

CHITRAL: Despite complaints and protests on being harassed at the Lowari tunnel on all forums, even on the PM’s complaint portal, the practice of lowering the barrier and holding up transport vehicles at the Lowari tunnel continues unabated. When the NHA official on duty at he Lowari tunnel barrier was asked why is there a […]

Dichotomy in prohibiting loaded trucks from using Lowari tunnel

CHITRAL: The decision to stop fully loaded trucks from using the Lowari tunnel has driven Chitral back to the pre-tunnel days. Then everything was scarce and prohibitively expensive for Chitralis in Chitral. The only exception were wheat and petroleum who’s transportation was subsidised by the government at a heavy cost incurring loss to the public […]

DIK MPA moves resolution in PA against tunnel closure

CHITRAL: Ahmad Kundi, Member Provincial Assembly from Dera Ismail khan, belonging to the PPP, has moved a resolution in the assembly against the uncalled for closure of the Lowari tunnel at frequent intervals during the whole day and having three hours ‘tunnel break closure’ from 12 to 3 pm in the middle of the day. […]

The ‘Sharafat’ of Chitralis manifested in Lowari Tunnel project

Dear Sir, I had lodged a complaint on Citizen’s portal about the uncalled for blocking of the Lowari tunnel for passenger vehicles at frequent intervals throughout the day. The response I have received is the revelation that the Lowari Tunnel is STILL INCOMPLETE:, as  “the major work that is Electric and mechanical works are not […]

Commuters resent ‘winter schedule’ for Lowari Tunnel

.. The News CHITRAL: The agony of traveling of the local residents is not yet over as the Lowari Tunnel is not being opened for commuters round-the-clock during winter even years after its completion. A group of the residents told reporters here that though the load of traffic from different parts of the country to […]

Chitralis accept partial closure of Lowari tunnel as fait accompli?

CHITRAL: The new ‘schedule’ issued by the NHA notifying the Lowari tunnel closure timings during the day and night has been tacitly accepted by Chitralis as fait accompli. There has been no protest against it either in the press or the social media, let alone any physical protest. It maybe pointed out that no where […]

Tourists visiting Chitral complain of holdups at Lowari tunnel

CHITRAL: After the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions, tourists have started moving into Chitral in large numbers as they have to other touristic areas of Northern Pakistan. However some tourists talking to CN were very sore about being held up at the Lowari tunnel while coming up. They said never anywhere do they stop people for […]