Lowari tunnel torture continues unabated

CHITRAL: Despite requests and protests by Chitralis to do away with holding up vehicles at the Lowari tunnel for unspecified periods (sometimes from 15  to 30 minutes) while at other times for hours due to unspecified reasons, nothing has Changed. Vehicles are still stopped by force and a convoy is created and then let inside like herd of cattle, against all safety rules. If instead, individual vehicles are let in as they approach, there will be no need for a convoy nor will there be any rush or safety hazard. On inquiry the staff at the tunnel give flimsy and ludicrous reasons, which each time are different from the other. Many tourists express anguish as they approach the tunnel after long hours of hard drive from Islamabad, Lahore etc only to be curtly stopped and harassed at the tunnel. so much for encouraging tourism!.

Two pictures below taken on 17 March at 3 Pm at the Dir entrance of the tunnel and another of a police notice board at Chukiatan Checkpost 35 kilometers before the tunnel are enough to explain the current situation with the Lowari tunnel traffic mismanagement.

Lowari tunnel holdup (Pic taken on 17 March, 3 PM)–It’s a daily matter
Funny notice at Chukiatan Police checkpost

.. CN report,19 Mar 2021

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