Nothing is pure in the ‘land of the pure’

CHITRAL: The word ‘Pakistan’ when translated into English reads ‘land of the pure’. Unfortunately Pakistan could be called anything but land of the pure, per se. Nothing is pure out here. The food we eat comprises of adulterated ingredients, the water we drink in bottles as mineral water is filled with tap water, the milk we drink is mixed with chemical powders to make it look rich, the fruit we eat are injected with colours and artificial sweeteners, the oil we use for cooking is made of dead animal intestines, the medicines we use (including life saving medicines) are fake made.

Education is not pure, examinations are full of cheating as if cheating is part of education. Jobs are bought by bribing the job givers. Government projects are smeared with corruption, politics is a very impure business where cheating and fooling is accepted as an integral part of politics.

A revered gentlemen in a Facebook post put it this way- “Allah only helps those who help themselves, between the mullah, the generals and our politicians our goose is cooked well and proper, today in this so called land of the pure nothing is pure, we cannot name one individual in any responsible position who is worthy or carries a good name, I at least cannot think of even one”. -Many would agree to it not withstanding the rare noble exceptions. .. CN report, 26 May 2024

6 thoughts on “Nothing is pure in the ‘land of the pure’

  1. In a society where religious preachers dish out short cuts in the form of rituals, wazifas, special prayers etc to wash away thousands of sins in a jiffy, why would anyone care to take the trouble of abstaining from sins. All sections of society whether parents, teachers, politicians or generals are brought up and indoctrinated with the same narrative which they then pass on to next generations. If the moulvi sahib at the mosque categorically preaches and emphasises that those who tell lies beget the curse of Allah and shall not go to heaven, and that, sins against huqooq ul ibaad will not be forgiven by Allah, as clearly stated in the Holy Quran, only then things will get right, whether it be with the man in the street, the president, the judge or the general.

  2. Chitralnews in its editorials has been raising pertinent issues and suggested solutions unlike other critiques of our rotten system. But in this holy naqarkhana no body listens. The privileged classes have unabashedly put the entire country on sale. If the real owners of the country continue to be silent over this sorry state of affairs then we are doomed. The servants have arrogated to themselves the right to decide what is good for their masters. This situation is an affront to common sense and thus untenable. Perhaps we still believe in miracles to bail us out as our religious monopolist have made us to believe. Rationality is still a taboo. Allah helps those who help themselves.

  3. Allah will never help those wo keep on refusing to become responsible citizens individually and collectively. Collectvely, coming together regularly in the localties where we live. Come together to bring improvement in our habits and characteristics.
    Refuse to obey Allah’s command “Wahtusay moo bay hublillahay jumeeyah” among the many others which all are there to help us all individually and collectively. We blame others for the ills we bring upon ourselves. Ourselves by refusing to obey Allah to organise our means of participation in the matters that affect us.
    So as long we all love to sleep we shall allow all the thieves and robbers their golden chance to do what they like.

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