New fraud in sacrificial animal market

CHITRAL: Dishonesty and fraudulent activities have become a way of life in Pakistan. ‘Thanks’ goes to the religious leaders and preachers who take a very lenient view of such practices, rather indifferently and tacitly condone such crime as though it is allowable in religion.

We have been hearing of fake drug production including life saving drugs, manufacturing cooking oil with intestines of deal animals, making a spurious version of every branded item in the market, asking the chinese manufacturers to produce cheap substandard  products and put high standard labels on them, injecting melons and mangoes with color and harmful sweeteners and corrupting almost anything that is corruptible. We cannot find a single muslim who sells pure milk according to the dictate of Islam but we can find hordes of ready muslims when some person has to be killed in the name of Islam.

Eid ul Azha is approaching and sacrificial animals are being sold and bought by ‘devout’ muslims. The new fraud coming to light this year is that artificial teeth are being stuck to the gums of goats and sheep who otherwise do not fulfill the criteria of being fit for sacrifice due to being underage and lack of enough teeth. A video circulating on the social media shows six underage goats for sale having artificial teeth stuck to their gums with chemical bond. Little do these ‘muslims’ know that Allah does not need such fraudulent sacrifice.

This scribe while on Haj pilgrimage three years ago was briefed by the Haj organizer to be careful while giving money to agents for the obligatory sacrifice as part of Haj, because he said the agents at the Haj venue take the money and do not actually sacrifice the animal.

Dishonesty is increasing in a parabolic manner and so is the tolerance to it, and acceptance of it, in the Pakistani muslim society. .. CN report, 11 June 2024

4 thoughts on “New fraud in sacrificial animal market

  1. Is 5 prayers a day really enough to forgive all this daily sins. Maybe double as much will do.

  2. One of my friends narrated me a real story. Once a Govt official demanded a bribe in the shape of two goats from a relative of him for the purpose of sacrificing on Eid ul Adha. My friend carried the goats in his vehicle and handed over to the said govt official for a ‘pious purpose’.

  3. The problem lies with our lack of education and proper religious guidance , we Muslims continue to suffer from the notion that all our sins will be forgiven because our prophet will intercede for us on the day of judgement and that is why even today in the 21st century we are willing to kill in his name. We also stupidly believe that people who are non Muslims or for that matter non believers will all burn in Hell regardless of their good deeds , nothing could be further from the truth and a lot of this stems from the undue importance we place on Hadith, a compilation 100s of years after the Quran was compiled.For us to improve as a people we need to get better leadership who will kill dogma and encourage quality education.

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