Survey on ‘extent and nature of religiosity’ needed in Pakistan

CHITRAL:  Pakistan was founded 77 years ago on the base of religion. Ever since, religion (Islam) has played a loud role in all it’s narratives and rhetoric.. but unfortunately today Pakistan is in the abyss of both financial and moral catastrophe.

A survey is needed to be conducted to know as to why people of a country so attached to the second most followed religion of the world are not living up to the principles of the religion, although they are ready to die and kill others for it.

The survey (restricted to Muslims) should include both male and female adults up, and cover every nook and corner of the country. It should determine following statistical counts:

— Number of Muslims who are extremists in their beliefs and not ready to listen to any logic or argument.

— Number of Muslims who are devout in their principles and follow rituals strictly but are not aggressively poised against counter arguments etc.

—  Number of Muslims who are Muslims firmly in their belief but are lenient in observing rituals etc

—  Number of Muslims who are agnostic but hide their belief for fear of being reprimanded by clerics/society

—  Number of Muslims who openly criticize religion basing their arguments on logic etc

The survey is important because it will give a clear picture of the level of religiosity of the people of Pakistan who are condemned by the world for being corrupt and dishonest. (Pakistan ranks 133rd out of 180 countries on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) by Transparency International). .. CN report, 06 July 2024

2 thoughts on “Survey on ‘extent and nature of religiosity’ needed in Pakistan

  1. Not a single Muslim country is ranked in the first ten, on the Corruption Perception Index, with most of them at the tail end. So the problem is not only with Pakistan!

  2. I suggest the survey should answer to how many muslims read, understand Qur’an and follow its moral values, and how many blindly follow the ‘guidance’ of their religious leaders
    The real problem, again and again and again is ignorance in a religion which first revealed surat ‘iqra’ insist on the duty to seek knowledge by ourselves.

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