Vehicles still being forcibly held at Lowari tunnel

CHITRAL: Despite complaints and protests on being harassed at the Lowari tunnel on all forums, even on the PM’s complaint portal, the practice of lowering the barrier and holding up transport vehicles at the Lowari tunnel continues unabated.

When the NHA official on duty at he Lowari tunnel barrier was asked why is there a barrier at the tunnel, where there are no barriers at the four Malakand tunnels we crossed two hours back, or for that matter, any other tunnel in Pakistan he smilingly said the tunnel has wrongly been designed without an emergency lane and quoting the project director of the tunnel he said “there seems no solution to the practice of stopping vehicles at the tunnel and letting them pass in convoys”. He was also ready to show a copy of the directives of the Chief Justice on this matter to support his point of view.

The ridiculous practice of stopping vehicles at the mouth of the Lowari tunnel on flimsy excuses should cease forthwith. Letting in random approaching vehicles from both sides is much safer and more logical than hounding up dozens of vehicles and then suddenly pushing them in all at the same time. This is simple common sense but no one has been able to drive this through the heads of NHA officials, who seem to be above any law, or fear of God. .. CN report, 19 Feb 2021

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