Chitralis accept partial closure of Lowari tunnel as fait accompli?

CHITRAL: The new ‘schedule’ issued by the NHA notifying the Lowari tunnel closure timings during the day and night has been tacitly accepted by Chitralis as fait accompli. There has been no protest against it either in the press or the social media, let alone any physical protest. It maybe pointed out that no where in the world does a tunnel have a timing schedule for opening and closing. Tunnels are always open for traffic round the clock. What is so special about this tunnel other than the people whom it is supposed to serve?.

    .. CN report, 29 Nov 2020.

2 thoughts on “Chitralis accept partial closure of Lowari tunnel as fait accompli?

  1. The general Public should know following:

    This by NHA imposed “CLOSURE” schedule has a simple reason, namely: The tunnel is NOT ready for use by public commuters. There is NO articulated ventilation system installed as foreseen by the tunnel designer to dilute exhaust fumes, to enhance clear visibility and to provide breathable air!

    1. The reason of ventilation problem is not valid. When dozens of vehicles are first held at the mouth and then suddenly ushered inside the tunnel, that causes more problem of ventilation than any random vehicle approaching the tunnel at intervals and passing through it.
      Moreover in summers the tunnel is open throughout the day and night with hundreds of vehicles passing without any problem of ventilation, what happens in winters when people need the tunnel most?. Also the exhaust fans at the mouth of the tunnel are never switched on, nor are lights put on inside the tunnel. Where does the electricity budget go? Can awe know the monthly electricity expenses charged against lighting the tunnel.
      All four Malakand tunnels are lit up with bright decorative lights while Lowari tunnel presents a desolate and dysfunctional picture- much like the people it serves.

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