LG system looses charm, politicians avoiding it

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CHITRAL: Due to the false flag and resultant dismal performance of last two tenures of the Local Government system, it seems to be loosing charm both with the people and the politicians. The just ended local government was nothing but a dummy setup with all powers lying with the Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners and TMOs etc instead of the District and Tehsil Nazims.

Two senior politicians of upper Chitral belonging to the ruling party, namely Rehmat Ghazi and Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk have formally announced that they would not be contesting elections for the Tehsil Nazim. This is the first time premature disinterest in elections is being formally announced by running politicians which does not augur well for politics and particularly the local government system. .. CN report, 07 Oct 2019

Pakistan: in need of a quasi-socialist economic system

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?.. by Dr Shahzad Latif

The writer of this article has been writing for the past couple of years that Pakistan unfortunately soon will be facing a phenomenon of stagflation; economic stagnation (slowness) thus joblessness and very high prices!

Pakistanis are now facing two-faced sword; high prices and joblessness.

Unless we take some drastic steps, inflation will go out of hand and Pakistan will lag behind economically.

High inflation will force businesses to increase wages thus resulting in a further increase in prices! Additionally, the cost of production inputs will increase thus render our exportables even more uncompetitive. This will result in further job loss.

Poverty is very high in Pakistan. Poor are getting poorer. In Pakistan average annual income is U$1516?per person, which is one of the lowest in the area. They cannot afford the basic necessities for survival.

There is an estimated Rs.250 billion worth of charity given every year. Yet this charity has not made any dent in poverty in Pakistan. This responsibility lies on the shoulders of the state to ensure no one sleeps hungry and all the basic needs of the poor are met.

Drastic steps must be taken to eradicate this problem of poverty.

What we need is; a quasi-socialist economic system with the agricultural revolution.

Pakistan is supposed to be an agrarian country yet we import food items like vegetables, fruits, lentils, edible oils, and even cotton!

Our main focus must be agriculture, dairy, cow-sheep-goat farming, poultry farming, and fish farming.

We must quantify as accurately as the possible annual consumption of each and every consumable product and produce beyond needs with proper guidance to farmers.

All agriculture products must be bought by the government at a set rate from farmers directly and sold straight to consumers through?properly managed?utility stores, cutting out all the middle-men and hoarders to ensure availability to consumers at lowest prices possible.

Balance of the produce should be sold to value-adding agro-products manufacturing businesses to help create jobs.

This will ensure farmers maximize their production and receive good prices for their produce.

Agricultural universities must be required to do a better job and come up with innovative ideas through research such as the development of better seeds to enhance production per acre. Also, strategize where to produce what to maximize production. Other agro-products we import must be produced domestically. This is to have better control over prices and the least use of the foreign exchange.

These universities need to bring education to agriculture thus up bring a new generation of educated farmers.

In this time of scarcity of water, it is imperative to use modern ways to irrigate. The drip water system must be implemented to reduce water usage by more than 75%. Thus water will be available to irrigate more land.

Rivers and canals must be connected to have a better irrigation system, save water and start boat transportation. This will also supply water to areas where it is not available.

Higher production of fertilizer must be encouraged to ensure availability at reasonable prices.

Cartel hold on sugar industry must be removed to decrease and regulate price. The government should buy the whole sugarcane crop at the right price and then supply to the sugar industry. Then buy back the sugar at a set reasonable price to supply directly to the public.

Meat is one of the most expensive food in Pakistan. Public consume a very low quantity of meat and fish because of the high cost.

Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of milk, yet we consume water mixed milk, even God sake chemically made milk.

Capacity-building efforts must be made to enhance the production of meat of all kinds and milk to reduce prices domestically and enhance export of value-added products.

Agriculture must be controlled by the government to maximize production by research, employing efficient means, cold storages, proper pricing and supply to consumers and sales to agro-products? manufacturers.

This special focus on agriculture will have multiple benefits along with controlled prices for basics like onion, tomatoes, lemon, lentils, meats, etc., better lives for farmers, earning of foreign exchange, job creation and a reduction of migration to urban areas.

Additionally, we need to adopt inward-looking policies.

We must produce all possible importables such as; high brand women?s make-up, chemicals, cars, motorcycles, mobiles, etc. domestically in Pakistan. All big name brands and manufacturers of items most imported should be invited on very attractive terms to set-up manufacturing in Pakistan.

This way we can reduce imports, save foreign exchange as well as create jobs within Pakistan.
We should encourage to establish businesses in both public-private and 100% private sectors. Business establishment process must be made easy.

We must help establish small businesses especially industry based. Because in any country small businesses help create the most jobs. De-regulation must be done as much possible.

In Pakistan, inflation in most part is supply-side driven rather than demand-side driven. State Bank must be discouraged to increase interest rates to such a high level. Increasing interest rates slows down the job-creating activity. Also increases the cost of doing business.

Exports must be enhanced by reducing the cost of manufacturing inputs, thus making exportables very competitive in the world market.

Indirect taxing must be eliminated as much as possible, like on mobile phone cards, etc.

The actual cost of petrol, diesel, gas, and electricity must be made public. No taxes should be added on these by the government. These must be supplied to the public at true cost.
This will have inflation controlling and economic development effect.

Direct taxes must be ensured to be collected from the whole population at a very low rate. There must not be a choice that one can be a non-filler.

Reduced government with no layers as per proposed structure by the writer (See:?NIZAM.pk) will deliver better service. Instead of blaming each other for lack of water, cleanliness, schools, etc. there must be only one government layer that would be responsible and answerable. This will also reduce government expenditures by a great deal.

This quasi-socialist agenda must be confined to agriculture and production inputs.
The current economic system and political structure have not provided the very basic necessities of the public. This has resulted in a much greater number of have-nots.

We must make concrete structural changes to ensure Pakistan is put on the right economic and social development path. .. by Dr. Shahzad Latif, (Political Economist & Reformist), 15 Jun 2019

District Nazim rejects current Local Govt system in KP as ‘dummy’

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Chitral: District Nazim Chitral rejected the sitting Local Government setup in KPK as a mere showpiece with no power or authority. He said Musharraf’s system was much better than the current one where 11 departments were under the district government. Presently everything is controlled by provincial government and LG is just a formality he said.

The District Nazim criticised NGO’s and said they advertise the sufferings of people to the world to extract funds but spend less than 5 percent of the donated money on the poor.

The District Nazim said Alliance of two religious parties i.e Jamat Islami and Jamiat Ulema Islam is a need of the time and shall remain intact in Chitral irrespective of what happens in the rest of the country.

District Nazim was addressing a gathering at program ‘Mahraka’ arranged by Chitral press club. .. CN report, 16 Oct 2018

Personalities stronger than System in Pakistan

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Chitral: Even entering a fast developing phase of the 21st century, Pakistan is still stuck up with the primitive personality syndrome. Persons at the helm of affairs are more important than the institutions and the system of governance in the country. A good example is the name of political parties after personalities like PML(N), JUI(F) etc. Even if the parties are not named after politicians, the identity of the political party is tethered to the person heading it.?Now even the military is in a way tacitly identified by it’s sitting Chief.

Chitral bazar being cleaned prior to Chief Justice visit.?

In a fresh example of personalities having precedence over institutions, the expected visit of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to Chitral has triggered a panic in government departments, each department scared of being pointed out by the CJ and are running hither and thither to show their efficiency if and when the Justice visits them.

Is this the way civilised countries work? No sir, not at all. People returning from countries like Switzerland, Norway, Australia etc, there people don’t even know the name of their head of government. In Switzerland the head of govt portfolio is rotated on yearly basis and people don’t care whose turn it is. They only care about good governance which is delivered to them by a strong and stable system.
Can we ever dream of achieving that stage?

Primitive election system: Pakistan will never change it appears!

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Chitral : While the world gallops ahead in progress, adapting latest scientific facilities and technologies, Pakistan continues going round and round in a circle of no joy. Elections after elections, we see ‘more of the same’ instead of any substantial difference. Primitive methods are used for conducting elections, starting from selection of electables by political parties regardless of their functional qualifications to messy election campaigns to primitive method of polling votes.

It is unfortunate that political parties do not want to change the system or at least bring about reforms in the polling procedures of the existing one? They are happy with the outdated rickety dispensation and only concentrate on how to make their way to the corridors of power by hook or by crook in this faulty polling system. No political party is interested in adopting machine voting through biometric system as it will bring transparency and fairness and political parties are by default averse to transparency and fair play.

The future of a prosperous and progressive Pakistan eventually lies in adopting Meritocracy, however?until that happens at least the election system can be upgraded with the help of modern technology. The biometric enabled National ID cards can be used to cast votes for any candidate across Pakistan from any polling station. In this way there will be no wastage of votes and 90 percent votes will be polled in Pakistan measuring the true choice of the people compared to constituency/polling station limited system which are easily rigged and exclude the opinion of a large number of voters not present at the polling station.

It s unfortunate that no body wants to bring about core changes in the systems in Pakistan and every leader is focussed on getting into power by hook or by crook and take his turn to milk the famished country. .. CN report, 15 Jun 2018