LG system looses charm, politicians avoiding it

CHITRAL: Due to the false flag and resultant dismal performance of last two tenures of the Local Government system, it seems to be loosing charm both with the people and the politicians. The just ended local government was nothing but a dummy setup with all powers lying with the Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners and TMOs etc instead of the District and Tehsil Nazims.

Two senior politicians of upper Chitral belonging to the ruling party, namely Rehmat Ghazi and Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk have formally announced that they would not be contesting elections for the Tehsil Nazim. This is the first time premature disinterest in elections is being formally announced by running politicians which does not augur well for politics and particularly the local government system. .. CN report, 07 Oct 2019

One thought on “LG system looses charm, politicians avoiding it

  1. During the reign of Benazir Bhutto it was suggested to her to stop allotting funds to MNAs and MPAs and let them concentrate on their primary function of law making. Benazir snubbed the suggestion by saying “if there is no money in it, we will not find candidates to contest elections”. It was hypocrisy then and it is hypocrisy now. Nothing has changed for Pakistan unfortunately.

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