Personalities stronger than System in Pakistan

Chitral: Even entering a fast developing phase of the 21st century, Pakistan is still stuck up with the primitive personality syndrome. Persons at the helm of affairs are more important than the institutions and the system of governance in the country. A good example is the name of political parties after personalities like PML(N), JUI(F) etc. Even if the parties are not named after politicians, the identity of the political party is tethered to the person heading it.?Now even the military is in a way tacitly identified by it’s sitting Chief.

Chitral bazar being cleaned prior to Chief Justice visit.?

In a fresh example of personalities having precedence over institutions, the expected visit of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to Chitral has triggered a panic in government departments, each department scared of being pointed out by the CJ and are running hither and thither to show their efficiency if and when the Justice visits them.

Is this the way civilised countries work? No sir, not at all. People returning from countries like Switzerland, Norway, Australia etc, there people don’t even know the name of their head of government. In Switzerland the head of govt portfolio is rotated on yearly basis and people don’t care whose turn it is. They only care about good governance which is delivered to them by a strong and stable system.
Can we ever dream of achieving that stage?

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