Chitral’s winning captain speaks against VIP culture at Shandur

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Chitral: Captain of the winning Chitral team at Shandur polo festival, Shahzada Sikander UlMulk has spoken out against glaring VIPsm at Shandur festival. In a video message he said the government officials should not focus solely on their own comfort and convenience at the festival but instead do something for the comfort and convenience of the thousands of spectators who come from far and wide on their own expense to witness the game. The YouTube video is produced below

Sikander to captain Chitral A team at Shandur Polo festival

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Chitral: As per the desire of polo fans, choice of the selection committee and general public of Chitral, Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk was re- instated as captain of Chitral ‘A’ team to play against Gilgit Baltistan ‘A’ team. The deadlock over the issue prevailing for the last few days souring the atmosphere in Chitral turned pleasant when the decision was made at a meeting chaired by the Commissioner Malakand division. It is now hoped that the Shandur festival will be held in traditional spirit of unity and goodwill.. .. CN report, 04 Jul 2019

Chitralis wish Shandur Polo deadlock be resolved amicably

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Chitral: Despite the District Nazim releasing a press statement saying the Shandur deadlock had been resolved only to be denied by the President Polo Association saying he did not know anything about the settlement, it is hoped by all that the Imbroglio over the selection of polo teams would be resolved amicably any time as early as tomorrow when the divisional Commissioner is also likely to visit Chitral. Earlier in the day President Chitral Polo Association Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk at a press conference condemned certain ‘uncalled for’ slogans raised by some unknown persons in the rally held by the Polo Association a day earlier. .. CN report, 03 Jul 2019

Chitral Polo Association boycotts Shandur festival

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Chitral: Four polo teams comprising of civilian players listed for Shandur festival have announced their boycott of the event. Addressing a crowded press conference the president of the Chitral Polo Association Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk flanked by senior members of the association and veteran polo players accused the Deputy Commissioner lower Chitral? of over ruling the decision of the selection committee and arbitrarily removing his name from the team despite the selection team approving him as captain of the A team. He also suggested that in future the establishment players form their separate teams and let the civilians choose their team as has been the practice in Chitral in the past.
Five of the eight members of the selection committee including Sub Maj ret Zafar Ali Shah, Sub Maj ret Faqir Muhammad, Muhammad Azam, Abdullah Jan and Nasir Ali were present alongside the President Polo Association. Earlier the polo players took out a rally chanting slogans of “boycott Shandur festival”. ..? CN report, 02 Jul 2019

Polo players threaten to boycott Shandur festival

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Chitral; A meeting of District Polo Association chaired by it’s president Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk has threatened to boycott the forth coming District polo tournament and then the Shandur festival, if it’s demands are not met. Demands include payment of overdue compensatory allowance to polo players who are supporting the expensive game on own expenses.

A large number of polo players attended the meeting and fully agreed with the president of the association. The district administration was represented by Hayat Shah AD finance and Abdul Rehmat DSO Chitral who promised to convey the genuine demands of the polo players to the higher authorities. .. CN report, 03 Jun 2019

Yak polo, an indigenous sport of the Pamir plateau

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Chitral: Traditional horse polo is a favourite sport in Chitral district and is played wherever a small ground called polo ground is available. The residents of the northern most outpost of Chitral and Pakistan, the Pamir plateau area called Boroghil have a polo of their own called Yak polo , played on the back of sturdy beast of burden called Yaks.

Rules are much same as the regular horse polo with six players on each side but the Yaks being heavy, clumsy and difficult to steer the game becomes more demanding in it;s own way. This year too at the Boroghil festival which was attended by tourists along with the Deputy Commissioner, the Commandant Chitral Scouts and other dignitaries, Yak polo was played to thrill the audience at 12500 ft above sea level . To promote diverse tourism in Pakistan, the game of Yak polo also needs to be encouraged. .. GH Farooqi, 06 Oct 2018

Chitral beat Gilgit by a distance in Shandur Polo Tourney

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Chitral: Chitral beat Gilgit for the fourth time in a row at the finals played at Shandur polo ground on 07 Sep 2018. Gilgit team could manage only five goals against double their score by Chitralis. Shahzad Ahmad was declared man of the match. It merits a mention here that the Chitral team was led by the evergreen captain Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk who at the age of 60 played this tough sport better than most youngsters would, and showed his leadership prowess to win the championship four times in a row under his captaincy. He being the president of the Chitral Polo Association also had a hand selecting players for all the Chitral teams which performed to come out victorious in almost all their matches.

IGFC Maj Gen Wasim Ashraf was the chief guest on the occasion who distributed prizes amongst the teams and players. The winner team was awarded one million rupees while the runner up (Gilgit) team was awarded half a million rupees as prize money. .. CN report, 09 Jul 2018

Shandur Polo: Chitral teams win all three matches on opening day

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Chitral: Annual Shandur Polo festival was inaugurated by caretaker Chief Minister KP Justice Dost Muhammad Khan and participated by Tourism minister, Ambassador of Germany, US diplomat, MD KP Tourism, Local Civil and millitary officials and a large number of visitors including foreign tourists.

In the opening match Laspur (Chitral) beat Phander (GB) 5-1. In the second match Mastuj (Chitral) beat Yasin (Giglit) 8-5. In the third match again Chitral (D) beat Gilgit (D) by 6-2. Three matches are scheduled for the second day of the festival on 08 July. .. GH Farooqi, Chitral 07 Jul 2018


Mulki Cup Polo/ Festival concludes amid much fanfare

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Chitral: The Mulki Polo Cup? cum festival concluded in Chitral with enthusiastic participation of large number of participants and viewers. After a long time a number of foreign tourists were seen watching the games without armed escorts. Close to four dozen polo teams participated. Prizes were awarded to participants of local games. Events like a cultural show, book fair, poetry contest etc were held earlier in the day.

Commandant Chitral Scouts Colonel Muinuddin was chief guest of the concluding event at the polo ground and awarded prizes to the participants along with other dignitaries.

Depuy Commissioner Chitral Irshad Sudhar, Shahzada Sirajul Mulk and French tourists were anmongst those who danced to Chitrali music on the occasion.

The final polo match between arch rivals Scouts and Police which could not be played due to wet ground condition? is scheduled for next day subject to weather. .. Muhkamuddin, Chitral 14 May 2018

Broghil Festival concludes, Nazims attend

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Chitral — Boroghil Festival 2016 concluded on the 18th day of September. Beginning on the 16th, the festival was held by Local council in collaboration with the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) whereas the awards for different events were provided by Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board (AKYSB) upper Chitral. The festival featured tournaments of Horse polo, Yak polo, Donkey polo, Cricket and Football among the teams of various villages of Boroghil. Member Provincial Assembly Sardar Hussain attended the first two days of the tournament whereas Tehsil Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah flew in on the final day as the Chief Guest. Tehsil Naib Nazim Abdul Shakur and various other deputies accompanied him on the occasion.
On the final day of the tournament, Chikar B came out victorious in Yak polo beating Chikar A, Lashkar Gaz B claimed the title of Donkey Polo championship by beating Garum Chashma A whereas Chitral Scouts stole the show by clinching the championships in football and cricket by beating Lashkar Gaz and Chilmarabad respectively. Addressing the crowed at the final ceremony, Rahmat Ali, Union council Boroghil, congratulated the local council for successfully organizing the tournament through their meager resources. Representing the people of Boroghil, he presented a number of development proposals to the chief guest. Notable among them were the construction of at least one primary school for girls—which to date doesn’t exist in the area, construction of a hospital that could be accessible in reasonable time in times of emergency, shifting wheat stall (Godam) from Garam Chashma to Garel which is easily accessible to most villages in Boroghil and improvement of road networks and construction of a bridge to help connect far flung villages of Boroghil with the rest of Chitral. He also appealed to the chief guest to declare the festival a calendar event of the district Chitral to ensure it was organized regularly and in a better way in the years to come. boroghil-festival

The Chief Guest Shah promised to take up all the proposed projects and promised to send Engineer immediately to survey the proposed projects. He promised to reimburse PKR 300,000 to the local council for this year’s festival and promised to provide PKR 500,000 to organize the festival next year. While he promised to work on all the proposed projects immediately, he also stressed that people of Boroghil break through the status quo way of living and try to find better ways of living, enhance their intellectual and leadership capabilities so that they can reap the benefits of any future development.
broghil2In between the final matches and the ceremony, Chitral Heritage and Environmental Protection Society (CHEPS), headed by Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost, organized awareness session about education and climate change and cleanliness walk around the polo ground. Saif Uddin, a graduate in Musicology from National College of Arts, Lahore and Yaqoob Ali, a graduate of Lahore University of Management Sciences—members, CHEPS— conducted the awareness sessions, a wave of school-going boys and girls, adults and aged men and women led by the District Naib Nazim Abdul Shakur swept the ground to clean up all the trash scattered around it.
It is worth noting that most of the area of Boroghil Valley still lacks road networks. Most of the travelling takes place on foot or rides—horse rides, donkey rides etc. The Local council said it organized the festival to garner the attention of government as well private entities to enhance tourism of the area which they believe will bring the area to the limelight and help propel development in the area. — Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost, 24 Sep 2016.