Chitral beat Gilgit by a distance in Shandur Polo Tourney

Chitral: Chitral beat Gilgit for the fourth time in a row at the finals played at Shandur polo ground on 07 Sep 2018. Gilgit team could manage only five goals against double their score by Chitralis. Shahzad Ahmad was declared man of the match. It merits a mention here that the Chitral team was led by the evergreen captain Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk who at the age of 60 played this tough sport better than most youngsters would, and showed his leadership prowess to win the championship four times in a row under his captaincy. He being the president of the Chitral Polo Association also had a hand selecting players for all the Chitral teams which performed to come out victorious in almost all their matches.

IGFC Maj Gen Wasim Ashraf was the chief guest on the occasion who distributed prizes amongst the teams and players. The winner team was awarded one million rupees while the runner up (Gilgit) team was awarded half a million rupees as prize money. .. CN report, 09 Jul 2018

One thought on “Chitral beat Gilgit by a distance in Shandur Polo Tourney

  1. Gilgit is loosing badly to Chitral since last four consecutive years but it is still enjoying 21 PIA flights a week while Chitral is doing with only two flights a week. After this last defeat it becomes fair to withdraw some flights from Gilgit and allocate them to Chitral.

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