Chitral Polo Association boycotts Shandur festival

Chitral: Four polo teams comprising of civilian players listed for Shandur festival have announced their boycott of the event. Addressing a crowded press conference the president of the Chitral Polo Association Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk flanked by senior members of the association and veteran polo players accused the Deputy Commissioner lower Chitral? of over ruling the decision of the selection committee and arbitrarily removing his name from the team despite the selection team approving him as captain of the A team. He also suggested that in future the establishment players form their separate teams and let the civilians choose their team as has been the practice in Chitral in the past.
Five of the eight members of the selection committee including Sub Maj ret Zafar Ali Shah, Sub Maj ret Faqir Muhammad, Muhammad Azam, Abdullah Jan and Nasir Ali were present alongside the President Polo Association. Earlier the polo players took out a rally chanting slogans of “boycott Shandur festival”. ..? CN report, 02 Jul 2019

One thought on “Chitral Polo Association boycotts Shandur festival

  1. Are the president Prime Minister or the Army Chief part of the national cricket team selection board ? If not why should government officials be part of polo selection committee in Chitral. Isn’t it better to let those professionals who have spent their entire lives standing beside a horse and have played and watched polo since their childhood, choose the teams. The district administration would earn goodwill of the people in efficiently providing infrastructure and services to the visitors at Shandur. Technicalities of the game can best be handled by the professionals, however humble they may appear in their disposition.

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