Chitral’s winning captain speaks against VIP culture at Shandur

Chitral: Captain of the winning Chitral team at Shandur polo festival, Shahzada Sikander UlMulk has spoken out against glaring VIPsm at Shandur festival. In a video message he said the government officials should not focus solely on their own comfort and convenience at the festival but instead do something for the comfort and convenience of the thousands of spectators who come from far and wide on their own expense to witness the game. The YouTube video is produced below

3 thoughts on “Chitral’s winning captain speaks against VIP culture at Shandur

  1. Finally a bold outcry against the menace of VIP culture, by none other than a most relevant person. It appears Sikander is preparing to transpose from Polotics to Politics.

  2. I fully support Siknadar view against VIP culture. who has truly represented the general feeling of the public witnessing the show. Shandoor festival should not be hijacked by VIP culture. Our Media and intelligentsia should play their role to discourage this culture. People of the area should not be humiliated in the name of security. If this culture continues it will develop gulf between masses and establishment and people will be forced to stay away from the event. The dignity of the public should be upheld; absence of which will sow the seed of discontent in the mind of the public. which will be a very bad omen for solidarity of our homeland.

  3. It is finally the bold voice from Chitral. Shandur festival is not for the common people it is for the government employees to use government resources for their own comfort. A poor country and luxury life style of government servants.
    In the name of Shandur Festival, we have imported garbage in Chitral. Our Pashtun neighbors brought even their Naswar from other side of Lawari and they just used our resources for free and troughed their garbage behind. “WHAT A TOURISM”. We don’t need Naswar Toursim anymore….
    We need a proper voice to protect our self and our nature.

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