Chitral’s shelter home fund diverted to other district

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CHITRAL: Funds of Rs99.76 million meant for construction of a shelter home for women at Booni, the headquarters of Upper Chitral district, have been diverted to some other district as the communication and works department failed to start work on the site according to the given deadline.

In a letter issued from the Peshawar office of USAID to the C&W department authorities, it has been communicated that any work might be carried out by the department at their own risk and cost as the USAID could not ensure availability of the funds.

The letter said that under the KP-Reconstruction Programme, the USAID had approved the project for Upper Chitral district two years ago and work was to be started on the site by September 15 and completed by June 2020, but the executing department failed to follow the timeline.

To start work on the site, the Project Implementation Letter had to be signed with USAID for which hiring of consultant was required to prepare drawing and design and all this should have been done before June this year.

Holding the C&W department responsible for this lapse, the letter stated that repeated reminders to the top hierarchy of the department did not produce any results, leading to missing of the deadline.

The KP-Reconstruction Programme of USAID is scheduled to close down by June 30, so the projects need to be completed by this date.

District Development Advisory Committee chairman Wazir Zada expressed his dismay over shifting of the project from his district. He demanded of senior management of USAID in KP to review the decision as shelter home was urgently needed in the area. .. Source

District Nazim rejects current Local Govt system in KP as ‘dummy’

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Chitral: District Nazim Chitral rejected the sitting Local Government setup in KPK as a mere showpiece with no power or authority. He said Musharraf’s system was much better than the current one where 11 departments were under the district government. Presently everything is controlled by provincial government and LG is just a formality he said.

The District Nazim criticised NGO’s and said they advertise the sufferings of people to the world to extract funds but spend less than 5 percent of the donated money on the poor.

The District Nazim said Alliance of two religious parties i.e Jamat Islami and Jamiat Ulema Islam is a need of the time and shall remain intact in Chitral irrespective of what happens in the rest of the country.

District Nazim was addressing a gathering at program ‘Mahraka’ arranged by Chitral press club. .. CN report, 16 Oct 2018

District admin holds public forums in Upper Chitral

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Chitral: The residents piled up complaints against various departments during public forums (Khuli Kutchehries) in several villages of Upper Chitral on Sunday.

Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar held open Kutchehries at Rech, Khot, Warijun and Shagram villages to learn and address the issues being faced by people.

People of these areas told the official about the absence of doctors at the local hospitals since long. Residents also complained about the dilapidated condition of the hospital?s building and lack of facilities in the hospitals.

They complained about poor infrastructure and pitiable irrigation system in respective areas. Irregularities in electricity supply after the completion of Golen Gol hydropower project were also discussed on the occasion.

People also denounced poor cellular phone service, shortage of edibles at the utility stores and non-availability of playground at Warijun area. High fees in a Rural Health Centre established by the Aga Khan Health Service were also criticised.

The dwellers complained about non-provision of compensation to the landowners during the construction of Booni-Buzand road. Upgrading of the Government High School in Khot village was deplored.

The deputy commissioner was asked to probe embezzlement of fund in a water supply scheme executed by the Public Health Engineering Department.

The complainants asked the official to hand over Zang Lasht-Ujno road to Communication and Works Department and construct a bridge at Ujno.

Speaking on the occasion, DC Irshad Sodhar said that arranging such open kutchehries was meant to learn and resolve public issues. ?Booni-Thorkhow road project is a challenge for me,? he said and directed the assistant commissioner Mastuj to hold a camp at Torkhow to provide domiciles, certificates, police career certificates and other documents so that people do not need to go to Booni.? .. Source

Upper Chitral PTI workers demand separate district organisation

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Chitral .. A meeting of PTI workers of upper Chitral was held at Booni with Gul Hayat Avocate in the chair. Workers unanimously demanded party organisation set up for the new under construction district instead of the present set up which treats upper Chitral as a sub division instead of a district. District SVP Rehmat Ghazi, VP Shahzada Sikandar ul Mulk, SVP upper Chitral Jamal Din and VP upper Chitral Sardar Hakim resigned from their recently appointed party positions to press for the fore-mentioned demand. .. Nazir Hussain Shah, 22, Dec 2017?

District Council demands smooth, unhindered passage through Tunnel

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Chitral : The District council Chitral unanimously passed a resolution condemning the NHA for still creating obstructions and holding the vehicles and passengers unnecessarily at the Lowari tunnel despite five months after it’s formal inauguration by the Prime Minister of the country. The resolution was tabled by Councillor Rahmat Illahi and Councillors Molana Abul Rahman and Ghulam Mustafa Advocate spoke on behalf the house. The resolution also stated that the approach to the secondary tunnel has been poorly designed and poses perpetual threat of accidents and demanded that an inquiry should be held into the matter and culprits be punished for designing such faulty and hazardous approach road which even a child would not design.. .. CN report, 13 Dec 2017

Is wearing of pant shirt by District Nazim an issue ?

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Dear Sir,
Chitral is a very strange place. It has a knack of picking up non issues and turning them into front line matters of ‘concern’.

Currently the visit of District Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah to the USA, during which he is seen wearing a pant instead of shalwar is the burning topic of discussion in Chitral. What a pity. How does it matter what the Nazim wears as long as it conforms to decency and normalcy.

We are very simple (rather naive) people. Clever manipulists can create issues and turn the public attention towards anything they manufacture. Real issues of honesty, capacity, dutifulness, truthfulness are relegated to the back benches. I was very perturbed by this latest issue come up in Chitral and therefore request you to publish my views on it. .. Shamsuddin, Chitral 21 Nov 2017.