Is wearing of pant shirt by District Nazim an issue ?

Dear Sir,
Chitral is a very strange place. It has a knack of picking up non issues and turning them into front line matters of ‘concern’.

Currently the visit of District Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah to the USA, during which he is seen wearing a pant instead of shalwar is the burning topic of discussion in Chitral. What a pity. How does it matter what the Nazim wears as long as it conforms to decency and normalcy.

We are very simple (rather naive) people. Clever manipulists can create issues and turn the public attention towards anything they manufacture. Real issues of honesty, capacity, dutifulness, truthfulness are relegated to the back benches. I was very perturbed by this latest issue come up in Chitral and therefore request you to publish my views on it. .. Shamsuddin, Chitral 21 Nov 2017.

2 thoughts on “Is wearing of pant shirt by District Nazim an issue ?

  1. We Chitralis should be more realistic and discuss real issues. Otherwise we will remain backward and subject to mental exploitation.

  2. The issue of wearing western dress speaks volumes about the double standard of political figure belonging to a mainstream religious party. Had Maghfirat Shah donned the traditional dress such as Shalwqar Qameez during his visit to the US, it would have demonstrated the actual line of thought of the political faction to which the Distric Nazim belongs. when someone wears pant in our society they are shamed publicly by the these religious figures for emulating the the Yahud-o-Nasara..

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