District Council demands smooth, unhindered passage through Tunnel

Chitral : The District council Chitral unanimously passed a resolution condemning the NHA for still creating obstructions and holding the vehicles and passengers unnecessarily at the Lowari tunnel despite five months after it’s formal inauguration by the Prime Minister of the country. The resolution was tabled by Councillor Rahmat Illahi and Councillors Molana Abul Rahman and Ghulam Mustafa Advocate spoke on behalf the house. The resolution also stated that the approach to the secondary tunnel has been poorly designed and poses perpetual threat of accidents and demanded that an inquiry should be held into the matter and culprits be punished for designing such faulty and hazardous approach road which even a child would not design.. .. CN report, 13 Dec 2017

2 thoughts on “District Council demands smooth, unhindered passage through Tunnel

  1. No where in the world can a construction company be so thick skinned and so unbridled. Shame on the Chitrali leaders and the Chitrali people. It is their beghairti which the NHA and SAMBU understand and so treat them accordingly.

  2. After so many resolutions of ‘All parties’ conferences, orders of the Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, resolution of the Provincial Assembly to open the tunnel for three days instead of two, last year, were thrown into the dustbin, what value does the resolution of the poor district council carry. The NHA and SAMBU officials must be laughing at this new resolution.

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