Committee formed to promote religious harmony in Chitral

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Council of World Religions Friends to promote religious harmony in Chitral.Chaired by Allama Maqsood Ahmed Salfi, religious leaders from different schools of thought attended the meeting. They resolved to work together to further promote religious and social harmony in Chitral.

It was also agreed that all-out efforts would be made to promote religious harmony at the grassroots level, says a press release sent to?ChitralToday.

The participants unanimously agreed to make Shahbaz Ahmed as the coordinator of a committee which will work for promotion of religious harmony in Chitral.

Members of the committee will be: Shahi Masjid Chitral Khateeb Molana Khaliquz Zaman, District Khateeb Molana Fazle Mola, District Naib Nazim Molana Abdul Shakoor, Molana Omer Qureshi and Molana Salamatullah.

From the Ismaili Muslim community, Sher Aziz Baig, member District Council; Ghulam Mustafa, member District Council, and Muhammad Yaqoob, member District Council will be the members.

The minority communities will be represented by Unth Baig and Na Baig, Kalash community members of the District Council, and Babar Masih and Rebecca Shehzadi from the Christian community.

Besides, Wasiuddin Akash, Samiullah, Shujaur Rehman and Naqqash will be representing the youth in the committee. .. Courtesy :

An open question to religious scholars

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Chitral: With respect to the relative importance of? huqooq ul ibaad (obligations towards humanity) versus huqooq ul Allah (obligations towards God), one thing needs to be clarified by religious scholars.

Let us say there are two persons (two shopkeepers for the sake of example). The first shopkeeper is a very religious man who prays five times, observes fasts and prays tarweeh and observes all religious rituals diligently. He also has performed Haj and several Umras. However in his shop he sells counterfeit goods, adulterated foodstuff and medicines and attempts to cheat at the scales and accounting etc whenever he can.

On the other hand the second shopkeeper is not very regular in prayers, fasting, and other religious rituals. However he is extremely honest in his dealings, sells genuine merchandise, does not keep adulterated foodstuff, always tells the truth and weighs correctly. In other words he is practically a sadiq and ameen? in his every day dealings .

At the time of the ultimate accountability, which among the two will invoke Allah Almighty’s tribute of being “Ghafoor ur Raheem” (forgiving and merciful). Shall Allah Almighty forgive the sins against humanity of the first mentioned, or shall the Almighty forgive the second person for sins against obligations towards Allah, or shall both be forgiven.

Effect of five times prayers not reflected in our daily lives ?

It is hoped that learned religious scholars will clarify this ambiguity for the benefit of us Muslims. .. CN report, 17 May 2019

A point to ponder for religious leaders (urdu)

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The short curriculum of Deeni Madaaris

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.. Prof Rahmat Karim Baig

The spread of Islam in south Asia in the 7th AD brought an unimaginable change in the fabric of the culture of that time. It fascinated a great bulk of non Muslims, mostly belonging to low caste Hindus and other down trodden sections of the society suffering under the cruel caste system of Hinduism. The spread of Islam was fast enough to train the whole mass in the true Islamic spirit within short time and in order to attract more and more non Muslims the religious leaders of the time allowed to teach some basics of Islam to the converts who could not shed the old habits of their ex faith and culture. The details of their old creed did continue to play role in their lives in the new circle as Muslims. The Sufis did not press the converts to shed all the vestiges of the old culture and faith, thus allowed the adumbration of varying details of different faiths to remain as features of Muslim culture. The true Islamic colour with all its bright merits and values did not reach the converts of that initial period. The need for religious Seminaries was felt and thus the Madaaris system was introduced at a later stage for teaching the basics of Islam based on a few disciplines called DARSE NIZAMI which operates to date.

The graduates of that education system complete their courses and qualify after 8 years and no student is declared failed but all pass out in 8 years vs. 16 to 18 years of the government school system – double of the duration of the Madaaris system. This disparity is very high and unjust to the Divine Faith that we claim to believe. In fact we believe in God but we don?t trust him and beg for the things by spreading our hands instead of resorting to Allah Almighty while we claim Him as our Creator and sustainer. The fact is that the Holy Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet PBUH in 23 years slowly, gradually and in peace meal and thus its inculcation was made under the divine guidance of the Prophet of Islam PBUH himself.

The disciples of the great Messenger were highly devoted and spent most of their time to learn each and every Verse of the HOLY BOOK directly from the messenger with its connotations and Arabic was their mother tongue so it was no problem for them whereas the modern AJMI/ non Arab students of religious Institutions, brought up with different mother tongues, in addition to that drawback, gets only 8 years to graduate as a religious scholar and his DASTAR BANDI is held after 8 years but in fact they are not as learned as are supposed by ignorant masses and have very little knowledge of Islam and its history.

These graduates of Madaaris must be educated for 23 years instead of 8 years to be true scholars and this longer duration will train them properly with more modern subjects included in their curricula to make them enlightened scholars instead of fanatics that we see around us. Their longer stay in the Seminaries be made compulsory to enable them to reach maturity and this extra period be given weightage in the curricula and made equailant to M. Phil. as done in the Universities. The 8 years in a Madrasa is no more than an SSC curricula of our high schools and a graduate of that qualification is never considered for any post. Well, consider it, discuss it for better results or enjoy the bitter fruits of fanaticism as usual – compare and contrast.


Pakistan second most religious country in the world: Report

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Pakistan has been ranked as the most religious country in Asia with 94% of the people thinking that religion is very important in their lives as per the report published by the Pew Research Center.?Pakistan?is among the most religious countries worldwide, with Ethiopia topping the charts with 98%.

The report found that religion holds great significance in South Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Russia has a 16% population which is religious, Australia 18%, Canada 27%, United States 53% and Brazil 75%. The European nations are far less religious with Sweden and the UK among the least religious countries on the planet.

importance of religion in different countries

Top 5 Religious Countries

India also among those countries where people (80%) think religion is extremely important in their lives.

  1. Ethiopia 98%
  2. Pakistan 94%
  3. Indonesia 93%
  4. Honduras 90%
  5. Nigeria 88%

5 Least Religious Countries

China is the world?s least religious country with only 3% believing that religion plays a key role in their lives.

Here are the 5 countries which don?t pay much heed to religion:

  1. China 3%
  2. The United Kingdom 10%
  3. Japan 10%
  4. Sweden?10%
  5. France 11%

A significant finding of the report suggests that the countries whose populations are increasing rapidly are highly religious, while those which have controlled their population rise are among the least religious.

Another revelation it made was that the younger adults tend to be less religious than older people which points to the fact that the world is becoming less religious over time.? .. Source

One way to cure the extremist mindset

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Chitral : These days there is a lot of awakening towards extremism and every country wants to get rid of it, including those which fostered it in the past. Here, It is not so much a change of heart as it is the realization that the ‘chicken have turned homeward to roost there.’

Now that the unacceptability of extremism has become common with all countries, as links have been established between extremism and terrorism, we should think of practical ways to change the radical and extremist mindset of those who bear it. One way to do so is to gather all hard line religious clerics and send them on international tours so that they see with their own eyes where the world has reached and where are they in relation to it.

The tours can be started with muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey etc and then they can experience the western world as well. All religious clerics who are hardliners or have extreme views are not bad. There are some jewels among them but because of not having been exposed to the real world outside, they live in their own limited universe. If such religious leaders are transformed to accept the facts of the real world they can change the course of the mindset of youngsters who can become proud muslims serving humanity and world peace. .. CN report, 05 Aug 2018

Election 2018: Religious alliance clinches convincing victory in Chitral

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Chitral: According to final results coming out for the just concluded General elections, the nation wide religious alliance although faring miserably in the rest of the country has claimed the Chitral seats with respectable margin. Molana Abdul Akbar of Jamat Islami was elected Member National Assembly by securing 48616 votes against his nearest rival Abdul Latif of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf getting 38481 votes. Like wise the other MMA candidate Molana Hidayat ur Rahman of JUI? bagged 45629 votes against nearest rival PTI’s Israruddin Saboor’s 40490 votes. .. CN report, 26 Jul 2018

Kasur crime: Role of religious preachers in checking crimes in the society

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Chitral : According to a news report, the child rapist and murderer now in police custody in Kasur town of Punjab, had confessed that immediately after committing the heinous crime and dumping the body of the seven year old girl in a rubbish heap, he had gone off to attend a mehfil Milad. This news quip connotes a long, sad rather scary story behind our moral degradation.

The fact that the culprit darted towards a religious congregation after committing the crimes says loudly that he believed attending the mehfil Milad would eradicate his sin and lessen the burden of his conscience. This belief, the most dangerous virus that plagues the muslim mind today has been inculcated by religious preachers who never give any importance to a human being’s duties towards fellow human beings and only keep preaching about prayers and rituals. and consider the same to be a tool to delete all their sins .. CN? Editorial, 24 Jan 2018

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