Election 2018: Religious alliance clinches convincing victory in Chitral

Chitral: According to final results coming out for the just concluded General elections, the nation wide religious alliance although faring miserably in the rest of the country has claimed the Chitral seats with respectable margin. Molana Abdul Akbar of Jamat Islami was elected Member National Assembly by securing 48616 votes against his nearest rival Abdul Latif of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf getting 38481 votes. Like wise the other MMA candidate Molana Hidayat ur Rahman of JUI? bagged 45629 votes against nearest rival PTI’s Israruddin Saboor’s 40490 votes. .. CN report, 26 Jul 2018

2 thoughts on “Election 2018: Religious alliance clinches convincing victory in Chitral

  1. It is very unfortunate that we Chitralies are always on the wrong side of time. PTI is going to make government both at the national and provincial level and we are once again deprived. May Allah give wisdom to Chitralies. PTI is going to make a new Pakistan and Chitralies are not part of this noble cause. We cannot convince our new generations.

  2. We must respect mandate of the people as long as the elections have been free and fair as has been in Chitral. Chitral will get it’s due share in development regardless of which party nominees have won elections. If one has to vote only for the winning party then what use are elections. Simple nomination would be enough instead of 17 candidates competing with each other. This is democracy. If we want democracy then we must accept this.

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