Pakistan second most religious country in the world: Report

Pakistan has been ranked as the most religious country in Asia with 94% of the people thinking that religion is very important in their lives as per the report published by the Pew Research Center.?Pakistan?is among the most religious countries worldwide, with Ethiopia topping the charts with 98%.

The report found that religion holds great significance in South Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Russia has a 16% population which is religious, Australia 18%, Canada 27%, United States 53% and Brazil 75%. The European nations are far less religious with Sweden and the UK among the least religious countries on the planet.

importance of religion in different countries

Top 5 Religious Countries

India also among those countries where people (80%) think religion is extremely important in their lives.

  1. Ethiopia 98%
  2. Pakistan 94%
  3. Indonesia 93%
  4. Honduras 90%
  5. Nigeria 88%

5 Least Religious Countries

China is the world?s least religious country with only 3% believing that religion plays a key role in their lives.

Here are the 5 countries which don?t pay much heed to religion:

  1. China 3%
  2. The United Kingdom 10%
  3. Japan 10%
  4. Sweden?10%
  5. France 11%

A significant finding of the report suggests that the countries whose populations are increasing rapidly are highly religious, while those which have controlled their population rise are among the least religious.

Another revelation it made was that the younger adults tend to be less religious than older people which points to the fact that the world is becoming less religious over time.? .. Source

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