Is two third majority necessary for a government to deliver?

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CHITRAL: There is a general perception that Pakistan has not developed due to instable democracy and lack of sufficient majority of any sitting government. Is that true?? 

Let us take the case of KP province where one party is in power since the last nine years with two third majority unhindered. There has never been any threat to the government from any side. Has it delivered accordingly? Have the promises made by the ruling party at the time of elections been fulfilled? Has there any been improvement in governance or accountability for which people voted the party? Unfortunately, the answer to all the above questions is ‘NO’. Unfortunately all the above mentioned sectors have worsened instead of improving.

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The slogan of ‘Riasat e Madina’ a favourite slogan of the party head, is no where seen in KP province where it is ruling with 2/3rd majority for last nine years.

The underlying point to highlight is that it is not 2/3 majority which will ensure that a government delivers. Even with 2/3 majority, a government would comprise of electables who would have their own priorities and stakes and they can easily cripple the government to their own advantage.

The answer is not to get more votes and more members. The answer is to change the system and enable a government to be formed without elections and on merit alone. Then will a change come. Other wise it would be a swing of disappointments pendulating forever. .. CN report, 04 Aug 2022

(please note that this writeup is not against or in favour of any party/leader. It is aimed at highlighting the real problem with our government making and governance system, and an effort to high light facts which are sacred but drowned in emotionalism and being blinkered)


How to Keep your mind sharp at any age

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Everyone has a tendency to be a little forgetful. We sometimes forget to pick up our car keys, an important file for work, or even someone’s name. As we grow older, we tend to lose some of the gray matter in our brains which is responsible for memory, among other things. If you want to preserve this gray matter for longer (and who wouldn’t?), the following article will be extremely helpful. Below are 7 exercises that will help keep your mind sharp at any age.

1. Use Your Non-Dominant Hand:  If you’re a right-handed person, try using your left hand once in a while when eating, writing, and picking things up. It might sound difficult at first, but after some practice, you can do at least a couple of daily tasks this way. The idea is to use your non-active side of the brain. This helps to expand parts of the cortex that are responsible for processing tactile information. May also interest you [Pics] 20 Kissing Scenes That Were Never Supposed to Happen Richouses 6 Facts You May Have Not Known About Prince Charles This Is Why You Should NOT Reboil Your Water! [Pics] This Is What The Perfect Female Body Looked Like 100 Years Ago (and every decade since) Beachraider Recommended by ease brain power are walnuts, turmeric .. Read further from source

Coronavirus reaches Everest: Climber tests positive

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Mount Everest, the world"s highest peak, and other peaks of the Himalayan range are seen through an aircraft window during a mountain flight from Kathmandu, Nepal.IMAGE COPYRIGHTREUTERS
image captionMount Everest’s reopening suffers a blow with Covid cases

At least one climber on Mount Everest has tested positive for Covid-19, just weeks after the world’s tallest peak reopened to climbers following a year of closure.

Norwegian climber Erlend Ness was isolated in hospital for eight nights due to the virus, he told the BBC.

Reports say a sherpa in his party had also tested positive for the virus.

The outbreak is a blow to Nepal, which relies heavily on income generated from Everest expedition.

Mr Ness is unsure where he could have caught the virus, but raised the possibility of catching it whilst in one of the tea houses along the Khumbu Valley.

He added that he could have “done more” to protect himself, such as being more diligent with handwashing, and wearing a mask all day.

“Not many people used masks on the trek,” recalled Mr Ness, who had been feeling sick for about six days in the mountains before being evacuated on April 15 by helicopter.

He was taken to two different hospitals in the Nepali capital Kathmandu, and tested positive for the virus three times.

He has since recovered – testing negative on April 22 – and is now staying with friends in the city.

Hundreds of foreign climbers are expected to attempt the ascent this spring season, which began in April, after the slopes were shut off due to the pandemic.

Aside from wider tourism revenue, Nepal earns $4m (£3.1m) by issuing Everest climbing permits every year, according to the Kathmandu Post.

All travellers entering Nepal must present a negative Covid report, taken within 72 hours of their first flight, according to Nepal’s Department of Immigration.

Passengers from counties with new Covid variants will be subject to an additional 10 days of hotel quarantine. If a test comes back negative after five days, they will be allowed to spend their remaining five days in home quarantine.  .. Source

Haji Anwar of Mustajapandeh passes away

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CHITRAL: Prominent figure of Chitral town, Haji Anwar Ahmad of Mustajapandeh passed away due to Cardiac arrest at age 73. He was the father of Mansoor Ahmad (Naib Sub), Abrar Ahmad (SHO), Hussain Ahmad, Aftab Ahmad and Nisar Ahmad.

Two young girls drown while playing on the river bank

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CHITRAL: Two young girls age 11 and 9 drowned in the river at Drosh while playing at the bank of the river. The girls belonged to a family from Bajaur who were visiting their relatives in Drosh.

Sadiq Ameen passes away in Peshawar

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CHITRAL: Sadiq Ameen a prominent trader and social worker belonging to Chitral, residing in Peshawar breathed his last in a Peshawar hospital. He remained president of the Chitrali bazar in Peshawar.

British royal family thank Chitral DC for hospitality

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CHITRAL: A letter from the British Royal family on behalf of the Duke and Dutches of Cambridge Prince Harry and Princess Kate, to the Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral Naveed Ahmad by name, was received at Chitral. The royal couple visited Chitral last October and were very pleased with their visit to the Kalash valley and Boroghil heights of lower and upper Chitral Districts.

Scary: Five PIA pilots turn out to be under matric

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At least five pilots of the national flag carrier PIA turned out to be without matriculation certificates, a report prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority revealed.

A report of CAA regarding the verification of PIA pilots? degrees revealed that at least five pilots working for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) do not even hold a matriculation certificate.

The report was submitted to the Supreme Court by the Authority during the hearing of a suo motu case regarding fake degrees of PIA pilots.

The case was heard by a two-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar at the Lahore registry of the apex court.

The report said that degrees of seven pilots were found to be fake, while five pilots had not even passed matriculation examination.

The judge remarked that people?s lives were put at stake. ?A person with a qualification less than matric is not even authorized to drive a bus, here planes are being flown by pilots who are not even matric pass,? Justice Ijaz Ahsan remarked.

The representative of PIA informed the bench that the administration of the national flag carrier has sacked 50 pilots, who failed to provide their academic credentials.

The Supreme Court ordered the concerned authorities to complete the process of degree verification and submit a final report on the matter within two days.

Earlier, during the verification process of the certificates of Pakistan International Airlines? (PIA) employees, it was revealed?that 20 air hostesses and stewards of the national flag carrier hold fake matriculation certificates.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that the educational credentials of these employees lack credence.

The CAA had earlier sent the certificates to different educational boards of the country for verification. All the boards confirmed that more than 20 crew members have fake degrees. Following the disclosure, the aviation industry?s regulator asked PIA to fire all staff members with fake certificates. The national flag carrier has initiated action against them in this regard.

Earlier this month, PIA informed the Supreme Court that at least 12 pilots and 73 crew members had fake degrees. .. Source

Lowari tunnel road opened for light traffic

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CHITRAL: The Lowari tunnel approach road which had been blocked for the last four days has been opened for light traffic according to a handout of the District administration. The traffic is controlled as one way traffic due to excessive snow on the road. The handout advises travelers to exercise extreme caution, use snow chains on tires and follow the guidance of the police at the troubled location.

Haji Shahzada Jan of Shiaqotek passes away

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CHITRAL: Haji Shahzada Jan son of late Haji Harir Jan of Shiaqoteq passed away due to cardiac arrest at age 45. He was a prominent trader of Chitral. Bereaved family members include Amjad Harir, Fardad Hussain, Najam, Haji Wazir Jan, Ilyas Ahmad, Zubair Ahmad etc.