Is two third majority necessary for a government to deliver?

CHITRAL: There is a general perception that Pakistan has not developed due to instable democracy and lack of sufficient majority of any sitting government. Is that true?? 

Let us take the case of KP province where one party is in power since the last nine years with two third majority unhindered. There has never been any threat to the government from any side. Has it delivered accordingly? Have the promises made by the ruling party at the time of elections been fulfilled? Has there any been improvement in governance or accountability for which people voted the party? Unfortunately, the answer to all the above questions is ‘NO’. Unfortunately all the above mentioned sectors have worsened instead of improving.

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The slogan of ‘Riasat e Madina’ a favourite slogan of the party head, is no where seen in KP province where it is ruling with 2/3rd majority for last nine years.

The underlying point to highlight is that it is not 2/3 majority which will ensure that a government delivers. Even with 2/3 majority, a government would comprise of electables who would have their own priorities and stakes and they can easily cripple the government to their own advantage.

The answer is not to get more votes and more members. The answer is to change the system and enable a government to be formed without elections and on merit alone. Then will a change come. Other wise it would be a swing of disappointments pendulating forever. .. CN report, 04 Aug 2022

(please note that this writeup is not against or in favour of any party/leader. It is aimed at highlighting the real problem with our government making and governance system, and an effort to high light facts which are sacred but drowned in emotionalism and being blinkered)


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