Students develop electricity generating tiles

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Students have created tiles which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and generate electricity. The electricity produced can be stored in a battery to power appliances later. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Students have created tiles which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and generate electricity. The electricity produced can be stored in a battery to power appliances later. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Karachi: Three engineering students from Iqra University have devised a mechanism for producing electricity through walking.

Calling it ?energy harvesting?, Ghalib Nadeem, Hafiz Waleed and Ali Akbar, have developed tiles using wood and artificial glass, which generate electricity when stepped on. The electricity produced can be stored in a battery for powering appliances as and when required.

According to Nadeem, the tiles convert kinetic energy into electrical energy and if installed over an area of 300 metres, these have the capacity to generate electricity sufficient for charging seven to eight batteries of UPS in two hours.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Nadeem said that the team came up with the idea for the project keeping in view the electricity crisis in Pakistan and managed to complete its execution in two years? time. He further said that similar projects have been executed in London, Russia, China and other countries but nothing of this sort had been done in Pakistan.

The tiles have been designed using locally manufactured components, which has kept the cost of the project low, bringing it in easy access of many.

Moreover, these tiles are environment-friendly, only need to be installed once and entail no maintenance cost.

According to Nadeem, these tiles can be installed in markets, parks, walking tracks and other places to generate many hundred watts of electricity, which can contribute towards overcoming the electricity shortfall in the country.

Responding to a question, he said that talks are underway with some interested parties for the practical implementation of the project.

He informed that Rs125,000 are required for the implementation after which free electricity can be produced for unlimited period of time.?? .. Source

Students protest against being stopped from cheating in exams

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Chitral: It may be unthinkable in the civilised world, but one may believe it or not, students in Khairpur district of Sindh Province of Pakistan have protested against strict measures taken by the government against cheating in exams. The practice of cheating in exams has been a norm in Pakistan since mid seventies, when at one time, the then Prime Minister even ordered students to be promoted without appearing in exams. Cheating whether in exams or in other fields of life has become largely acceptable in the society. It is an irony that when at one time a person who was a cheat was pointed out as being the odd one, now an honest person who does not cheat is being pointed as being an odd one. The video below is a glaring proof of where we as a nation have come to:

.. CN report, 28 Apr 2019

Students showcase science, arts projects in Chitral

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The projects pertained to physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, electronics as well as art and model drawing which were applauded by their teachers and elites of the town present on the occasion.

The art section of the exhibition portrayed the local culture while an automated teller machine (ATM) prepared by a school student put to functioning was appreciated by those in attendance.

District police officer Mohammad Furqan Bilal was the chief guest at the opening ceremony of the exhibition who said in his address that the students of Chitral were as talented as those in any part of the country.

He said that the tendency of critical and rational thinking should be developed among the students as it was the basis for adopting scientific approach.

The school principal, Tufail Nawaz, said that the school had been holding the competition every year.

LG POLLS: The returning officer for the local bodies election and assistant commissioner, Chitral, Alamgir has announced schedule for the election to one general seat of district council and a general councillor seat of a neighborhood council which had fallen vacant due to resignation of the incumbents. The two seats include that of district council in Oweer and general councillor in neighbourhood council of Zargarandeh.

Nomination papers can be filed from November 19 to 22, scrutiny of papers will be carried out from Nov 24 to 29 and final list of the candidates will be displayed on Dec 4, while polling will be held on December 23.

Published in Dawn, November 17th, 2018