Chitralis angry over neglecting road projects in Budget allocations

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Chitral: People of Mastuj and Garam Chashma have resorted to protest against roads in their areas being neglected in the budget allocation. At Mastuj a protest sit in has been announced at the Mastuj bridge from 24 Jun until funds are announced and released for the Mastuj Shandur road metalling project. Meanwhile people of Garam Chashma are also full of protest over the issue. District Council member Garam Chshma Muhammad Hussain who recently joined PTI also expressed his disappointment over the matter. Former MInister Saleem Khan in a press conference at Peshawar also decried neglect of Chitral Garam Chashma road. Meanwhile MPA? Wazirzada along with Sultan Mehmood met Senior minister KP Atif Khan and expressed their concern over the neglect of Garam Chshma road in the budget. The minister assured them of conveying their grievance to the PM and trying to solicit funds for the project. .. CN report, 22 Jun 2019

Locals protest against Edu dept over a class four job appointment

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Chitral: Local residents including women of Kosht village in upper Chitral staged a protest sit against the Education department. According to the protesters, the post of a class four employee at a local school was the right of the land owner as he had given the land free to the govt. initially the land owner was appointed accordingly but after his retirement his son was not given the job and allegedly an outsider was appointed on political interference, which caused the collective protest in support of the land owner. .. CN report, 04 Jun 2019

One of it’s kind: Dacoits protest against police

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Chitral: In a uniquely weird case, dacoits and bandits staged a demonstration against police ‘high handedness’ in the town of Gotki in Sindh province. The outlying areas of the province have long being known for being home to dacoits, but the case of dacoits protesting against the police could be a unique case in the world. The dacoits armed with rocket launchers and automatic weapons accused the police of demanding extortion money from them and on refusal kill them in fake police encounters. The urdu newspaper report cutting pasted below may be of an earlier date but it shows the standard of governance in Pakistan in general and in the remote areas of Sindh and Balochistan in particular. .. CN report, 01 May 2019

Chitralis protest against manhandling of MNA at Lowari tunnel

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Chitral: A protest rally was taken out against the manhandling of Chitral MNA Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali at the hands of security personnel at Lowari tunnel. The protest rally was led by the Tehsil Nazim, the Jamat Islami Ameer and PTI leader Rahmat Ghazi beside others.

Earlier the MNA in his video message stated that he was going to Islamabad to attend the National Assembly session when at the tunnel he was roughed up by the security personnel.? He said his driver was beaten up and his car keys were broken while his car was forcibly pushed aside in a rough manner. He later launched a protest sit in at the tunnel for some time.

The protest rally at Chitral was called off when the District Administration and Commandant Chitral Scouts assured the protesters that the tunnel would be opened 24 hours a day and that local security personnel in minimum number would be posted there so that travelers do not face unnecessary problems.??.. CN report, 14 Oct 2018


AKHSP Chitral employees continue protest: Management issues clarification

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Chitral : Majority of the employees of the Aga Khan Health Services Pakistan AKHSP Chitral continued their protest sit in for the third consecutive day. The employees were protesting the plans of the management to terminate services of employees without giving them due benefits, the employees said talking to this correspondent. Most of the employees were women working in different health centers.??Dr Zafar Ahmad, the head of Community Health and Government Relations, talking to this correspondent from Islamabad on phone said that they were closing seven health centers in Chitral. He said the AKHS had already informed the employees that the centers having very low patient visits would be shut but the staff went on a strike.

The AKHSP senior management has issued the following press handout on the matter:-

Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan Recalibration
The Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS) is one of the agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) that supports activities in health in Pakistan and several countries around the world. Together, AKDN health activities reach 5 million people annually globally and over 2.2 million per year in Pakistan. The agencies also work closely on planning health delivery improvements in Pakistan, training and resource development.

In recent years, emerging health care needs, a rapid increase in additional and alternative health care providers, a rise in innovative techniques and the need for greater access to other healthcare facilities has required AKHS to develop a more effective delivery model.
In order to increase efficiency and serve growing needs of its patients, AKHS is recalibrating its health service delivery to ensure that it can remain independent and self-sustainable. A cornerstone of this approach is to ensure partnerships with national and local governments and other health service providers ? both within AKDN, such as the Aga Khan University, and outside AKDN, such as government health facilities — to ensure improved health services in the long term.

In some cases, the recalibration will mean that certain health functions will be built on an effective hub and spoke model. The AKHS,P Service Model will feature:

Hubs: The Gilgit Medical Centre and the Booni Medical Centre, which will consist of 46 and 37 bed secondary health care units, respectively, with ?core? specialised services in paediatrics, obstetrics/gynaecology, internal medicine and surgery, as well as other specialised services in e.g. orthopaedics, ophthalmology, psychiatry etc., that are reflective of local needs. The Gilgit and Booni Medical Centres are connected with the ?super-hub? at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi for e-health services. The two Medical Centres serve as the referral units for the Compehensive Health Centres (CHCs) and play an active role in supervision and capacity building of the CHCs? staff, including via outreach and e-health.

Sub-hubs: The six CHCs (7-18 beds) are to be staffed by generalist rural family medicine physicians trained to diagnose and treat a large variety of common diseases, e.g., obstetric complications, emergency surgeries and stabilisation of severe medical and paediatric conditions. CHCs are the referral units for the BHCs, and CHC staff also provide outreach clinics in BHCs.

Spokes: Staffed with Lady Health Visitors (LHVs) and Community Health Nurses (CHNs), the Basic Health Centres (BHCs) offer health promotion and disease prevention services, including screening for non- communicable diseases (NCDs). There are advanced discussions with AKU?s School of Nursing and Midwifery (AKU-SONAM) to start modular upgrading courses for the LHVs, as well as primary health care services with a focus on reproductive, maternal (including normal deliveries), and child health. The BHCs are the link between the formal health system and the community; and these will be linked via mobile health (m-health) services.

The recalibration is essential to improve efficiency so that AKHS, a non-profit organization, can continue to provide affordable healthcare to the community. The new model will ensure both quality and affordability.
.. Gul Hamaad Farooqi, 23 Jan 2018

Chitral protest called off after JIT to probe controversial post set up.

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Chitral .. A complete shutter down strike was held in Chitral bazar on the call of Tehsil Nazim to protest a controversial post in social media which hurt the religious feelings of sunni muslims. At a meeting held at the DPO’s office in which the District Nazim, Comdt Chitral Scouts, DPO, ADC, AC, District Naib Nazim,, Amir Jamaat Islami, JUI, leader participated. It was decided to set up a Joint Investigating Team to investigate as to who was behind posting the controversial and inflammatory post at a crucial time with a possible motive to ignite sectarian fire. .. CN report, 11 Dec 2017 (photo credit ‘’)