Chitralis protest against manhandling of MNA at Lowari tunnel

Chitral: A protest rally was taken out against the manhandling of Chitral MNA Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali at the hands of security personnel at Lowari tunnel. The protest rally was led by the Tehsil Nazim, the Jamat Islami Ameer and PTI leader Rahmat Ghazi beside others.

Earlier the MNA in his video message stated that he was going to Islamabad to attend the National Assembly session when at the tunnel he was roughed up by the security personnel.? He said his driver was beaten up and his car keys were broken while his car was forcibly pushed aside in a rough manner. He later launched a protest sit in at the tunnel for some time.

The protest rally at Chitral was called off when the District Administration and Commandant Chitral Scouts assured the protesters that the tunnel would be opened 24 hours a day and that local security personnel in minimum number would be posted there so that travelers do not face unnecessary problems.??.. CN report, 14 Oct 2018


2 thoughts on “Chitralis protest against manhandling of MNA at Lowari tunnel

  1. Feeling sorry for misbehavior with the MNA. However this incident could be a blessing in disguise as it would let the MNA know how common traveler are treated every day at the tunnel.
    The MNA and political leaders instead of protesting a single incident happening with the MNA should protest the practice of these incidents happening everyday with ordinary travelers.
    Opening the tunnel 24 hours and for two way traffic should be the target of the MNA and Protesters. Merely apologizing with the MNA will not solve problem of people.

  2. The Lowari tunnel should be managed like any other tunnel where the security personnel do not have the prerogative to allow any one or stop any one to travel through the tunnel. Only suspected vehicles should be stopped and checked well before .

    Stopping general traffic before the tunnel amounts to blocking a road which falls in the category of terrorism. Also VIP vehicles, security person vehicles, official vehicles, ambulances etc which are allowed to pass through during tunnel close time should be stopped. If work is going on at that time how do these vehicles cross. Do they fly over the ongoing work?.

    The Lowari nonsense has reached it’s limit. Even the Chief Justice didn’t do anything about it because he knew the capacity of Chitralies and their leaders. This nonsense must stop or all our public representatives must resign admitting their failure.

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